Five Things to Consider Before Booking a Zip Line Tour

What to consider before booking a zip line tour via @SueRodman
Zip Line
Zip Line and TreeTop Canopy Tours are very popular, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you book.

It’s hard to enjoy flying through the trees when you’re left waiting on the platform for that person in front to peel themselves off the tree. Or worse, to be the one with bark indentation on your hand from your tree hugging death grip. Not all zip line canopy tours are for everyone, but there is likely one that fits your temperament and experience. It helps to know what to look for when you book your tour, and what questions to ask.

Zip Line Tours and Adventure courses have become all the rage. There is nothing better than spending the day outdoors climbing and flying through the trees. Atlanta has several zip line and adventure courses within a short drive from the city. Here is a list we put together of Zip Lines in Atlanta. Before you book your zip line adventure, here’s a few things you should consider.

TreeTop Quest
Adventure Tours can be physically demanding. Make sure your group is up to the task.

Understand the Requirements
Most zip lines and adventure courses have age, height or weight requirements (both minimum and maximum). Be sure you know before you get there if your youngest will be able to participate and if so, to what extent. Even if your child meets the minimum requirements, they may be limited in the zips or course they can do.

What do you want to get out of the Experience
Looking to get over your fear of heights is totally different than seeking the maximum adrenaline rush. Ask questions about the what level of guests they see most often. If you’re new to zip lines, find out if there is a point of no return and the refund policy if you choose not to continue. For the thrill seeker, ask how they pair the groups, will you be waiting all day for that newbie to take the first step?

I thought this was a Zip Line?
Make sure the facility offers the type of experience you are expecting. Some canopy tours are just zip lines. Others offer treetop bridges, and some offer elevated ropes courses with various obstacles with or without zips. If you just want to go on a zip line, ask how many are included in the course. If you really want adventure elements, find out exactly how many and what kind are on the course and if those elements are offered at an additional cost.

Make sure participants are physically up for the tasks.
There is a reason these are called Adventure Tours. You must be able to walk and climb, even on the zip line tours. For the ropes type courses, you’ll be swinging, balancing and using any number of muscles you forgot you had.

Historic Banning Mills
During a guided tour, trained guides are with you throughout your adventure, helping where needed and adding some comic relief.

Getting a little help from Friends
All adventure courses have staff ready to assist guests. Some tours are guided and others are more self-guided. As you would expect, on a guided tour, guides go with the guests and help them every step of the way, including locking the caribeeners for them. Self-guided tours usually start with a brief instruction period before guests hit the course on their own, with staff available on the ground if needed. Remember to bring a some extra cash to tip your guides after a great experience.

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    • Scott, North Georgia Canopy Tours is a great place for beginners. They start you low and slow so you can get used to the height and the zips.

    • Terri, We’ve been to a couple of zip lines where my 8 year old was too young, but we’ve also been to a few where he could zip. Good question to ask before so they aren’t disappointed.

  1. We’re heading up to Syracuse this weekend to try the world’s largest indoor ropes course at WonderWorks inside the Destiny USA mall. It’s 70-ft high. This is my first ropes course. Too say I’m scared to pieces is an understatement!

    I’m really hoping there’s no long line behind me, so I can retreat back to the starting platform if I need to!

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