Zip Line through North Georgia’s Canopy

What: Zip Lining Eco Tour
Where: North Georgia Canopy Tours, Lula, Ga.
When: Beginning April 1
Cost: 2 hour tour is $69, 3 hour tour is $89.

Kids ages 10 to 15 years old fly half price every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, excluding holidays. One discounted Tour for a child per paying adult. Last weekend, my middle son and I were treated to a sneak preview of the newest zip line course in the state. North Georgia Canopy Tours will open on April 1, just in time for spring break fun.If you’re staying in Atlanta for break, this is a great day trip and kids are half price on weekdays! A canopy tour is a bit different than just a standard zip line. Canopy Tours are about the surroundings as much as the thrill of the zip.

At North Georgia Canopy Tours they start you out “low and slow” to get used to the equipment, the heights and zipping.  I thought I would be petrified, but honestly, between the ground school introduction and the fact that the zip lines are taunt when you take off, it was like swinging through the trees. I wasn’t scared at all, even when we crossed the sky bridge. This coming from the person who had to be coaxed across the Tullulah Gorge bridge. Of course my 10-year-old was the first in line and thought the whole experience was a blast. He didn’t even flinch when he stopped short on one zip and had to go hand-over-hand to get to the next platform. Children must be at least 10 years old and 70 pounds to participate. As we saw with my son, you need the weight to finish some of the longer zips.

While you are zipping along, enjoy a birds-eye view of the North Oconee River, ravines, ponds, pastures and wildlife. Our host Kirk Watkins, a patent attorney by day, said the best time to see wild life is in the early morning or late evening. During our tour, the buds were just popping out on the trees, I can imagine when the leaves come in, it will be a completely different experience. Each tour is accompanied by two certified eco-trained guides. They do all the work and make sure your zip and safety cables are hooked on correctly. During each tour you’ll ride the ziplines, cross sky bridges and go on moderate hikes to the next platform. At the end a double zip allows you to race a partner.

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  1. Sue,
    Didn’t you feel so safe once you successfully finished the first real zip? Honestly, I think Canopy Tours across the country biggest concern is convincing new folks (esp. non-athletic moms) that this is so safe and such a rush, you’ll probably want more adventure (my guides let me come in “hot” (fast) after a while to give me a thrill). I’ve noticed some ziplines that have been up and running a few years are now installing one big fast zip for those who have been before and want to feel one great big exhileration! They got me wanting to come back…and I’m more of the museum type or taking hikes for exercise – normally 🙂

  2. My family & I got a tour yesterday afternoon to ck out the newest Lula, GA attraction! What a neat place! Beautiful scenery, gorgeous facilities, observation decks & owners that are very nice & informative. Grand opening weekend w/concessions & promise of hours of fun! Here we come!

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