Field Trip to the World of Coke

World of Coke
The World of Coke isn’t just fun, it’s also educational. This display showcases how Coke is displayed in art.

What: The World of Coca-Cola
Where: World of Coca-Cola, Pemberton Place, 121 Baker St. NW, Atlanta (404) 676-5151
When: hours vary, see website for Hours of Operation 
Cost: Adults (13-64) $16, Seniors (65+) $14, Children (3-12) $12

The World of Coca-Cola, or World of Coke as most people call it, is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta. Ask kids what they like best and most will say the tasting room where they can sample Coke from all over the world and drink as much as they can stand. Admittedly, the World of Coke is a lot of fun, but it’s also a great place to learn about history, science, and the world around us. Coca-Cola has even put together a teacher toolkit by grade level that corresponds with the Georgia Performance Standards. It’s a great guide for home school groups or type A parents who want to make sure everything they do is educational.

World of Coke
Can you mix the right ingredients for the perfect Coke?

I’m a huge history buff and a Mad Men fan, so the development of the advertising is quite interesting to me. Coke pioneered the use of celebrities in advertising, coupons, premium items and even sports marketing. Coca-Cola has been an Olympic sponsor since the 20’s. The company set up bottling plants around the world during WWII so soldiers could have a little taste of home. In the process, those men became ambassadors for the product internationally and when the war was over, the bottling plants stayed. The tasting room the kids love so much is also a lesson in world cultures. The bitter aperitif Beverly might not be popular in the US, but is in Europe. Even the gift shop offers educational opportunities in recycling. I love all the up cycled products from pop top purses, to the gorgeous bottle chandeliers.


World of Coke
Generate a discussion on recycling and eco-friendly products with a tour of the World of Coca Cola gift shop.

37 Comments on Field Trip to the World of Coke

  1. I am a Montessori teacher. I am currently not a full-time classroom teacher, but am working part-time with an upper elementary class. I would give this trip to my daughter’s class at Northwoods Montessori.

  2. Our group of well behaved home schoolers are egar to learn and would love this! In my class we studied the history of The Coca-Cola Company and built a coke museum.

  3. My daughter is in K at Parkside Elementary which is an APS school not far from the World of coke. There are many kids in her school that might not otherwise have such an opportunity so winning this field trip for them would be wonderful. Their teacher serves as a wonderful role model and is constantly empowering his students. He has been great. Thanks Sue for offering this!!

  4. Our daughter is in First grade this year… This would be an exciting field trip for their class. With all the kids perfecting their reading skills they would have a blast reading all the signs. But who are we kidding they too would be most excited about drinking themselves silly in the tasting room lol… This would be a great field trip for them..

  5. This would be a great gift to the students and teacher for either of my 4th or 5th grade kids. The students would get a kick out of it and the teacher would be thrilled!

  6. My daughter’s 6th grade class would love to take this tour. It would be a wonderful experience as some of the students have never been.

  7. Our kids and their friends would just love to see this! They range from 8yrs to 12 years, a great age for this tour! And I would love to see it too!

  8. We moved to Oakwood, GA this year and my son is at a new school. It would be great to take his class back to where Cole grew up and show off the World of Coca Cola to kids who have never been to downtown Atlanta!

  9. My grandson and his class would love this, not to mention myself and my daughter would of course need to be a chaperones. I think this event would bring out the “mad scientist” in all of us – what fun!!

  10. This would be a great field trip for my son’s 6th grade band and perhaps they could play an impromptu song while they are there. It would be cool if they learned the Coca Cola song and could play it while there.

  11. My son attends Hambrick Elementary School and he is in Mr. Cummings 5th grade class. So far we are really enjoying the school. This is first year attending. His teacher is great. His dad and I have no complaints so far.

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