Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wilderness Explorer Club at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom via @FieldTripswSue

The Wilderness Explorer program at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is education disguised as fun. After taking the Wilderness Explorer pledge, learn the official Caw Caw Roar call for the first of 31 different badges on animal behavior, geography, conservation and more.

Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wilderness Explorer Club at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom via @FieldTripswSue
Get a free Wilderness Explorers handbook at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Then earn badges throughout the park. All for FREE.

“A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole.” You may remember this saying from the Disney movie UP.  Russell, the over achieving kid that stowed away on Carl Fredricksen’s balloon house is a Wilderness Explorer. And now you can be too. The Wilderness Explorer’s Program at Animal Kingdom is one of several in-park scavenger hunts at Walt Disney World.

Becoming a Wilderness Explorer
Taking the Wilderness Explorer’s pledge is the first step in becoming a true explorer. The next step is earning badges throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There are 31 badges in all. Earn enough badges and become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.


Just like in scouts, the badges have varying degrees of difficulty. The first badge is garnered simply by stating the pledge and learning the Caw Caw Roar call. Simple and fun. From there, use the map in your Wilderness Explorer’s Handbook to find stations throughout Animal Kingdom. Follow the instructions for the badge, and when you are done, find a troop leader or a badge guide. Show them your findings and secure your badge.

We visited Animal Kingdom on our last day at Walt Disney World and didn’t have a lot of time to complete many tasks, but the good news is that we can keep the Wilderness Explorers handbook and bring it back next time to pick up where we left off.

The book itself is a great keepsake (made from recycled paper of course) and fun to read through. I think next time we go to Animal Kingdom, I’ll use the Wilderness Explorer’s handbook as a guide to getting around the park. Disney is known for their attention to details, but rarely do we stop long enough to truly appreciate them. The Wilderness Explorer’s program makes you slow down a bit and really enjoy what’s around you.

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