What to get Kids for Christmas: Fun in a Box

What to get Kids for Christmas
Little Passports takes kids around the world, or around the US with Sophia and Sam. Each month is a new adventure.

The Present: A World Tour
Where to Get It:
Order Online
Varies, see each post
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Looking for what to get kids for Christmas? Forget the hottest new toy, how about a trip around the world? It’s a gift children can enjoy long after the wrapping paper and boxes have been thrown away. Think you can’t afford it? Think again. These subscription based gifts are very affordable. Plus, kids will think of you each month when they get something in the mail and parents will love you for keeping the kids engaged all afternoon on something educational. It’s a perfect way to extend the holiday season, instill a love of travel or even get children excited for the next vacation.

The Present: Little Passports
Where to Get It:
Little Passports Online
Age Group:
5 – 12 years old
Starting at $10.95 per month (order by Dec. 17 for Holiday delivery)

Sam and Sofia are on a global adventure and they want to bring your child along with them. Parents can sign up for the World Edition or the USA Edition. While kids are following Sam and Sofia, they are learning geography, history, culture and language. In addition to getting a gift each month, there are online games. Gift givers can sign up for a month-to-month plan or a set number of months up front. Here’s a great review of Little Passports from Mara Gorman of Mother of All Trips.

What to give kids for Christmas
Highlights Top Secret Adventure allows kids to go on a mission and determine, what was stolen, who stole it and where it’s hidden.

The Present: Highlights Magazine Top Secret Adventures
Where to Get It: Highlights Online
Age Group: 7 – 12 years old
Cost: $13.95 (plus $3.45 S&H) (Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery)

Kids become detectives as they try to solve an international crime. Each top secret adventure is set in a new location around the globe and kids must figure out what was stolen, who took it and where it is hidden. I love the silly suspects like Hattie Nuff, and Major League (who has robbed zoos across the country. He stole a Chicago Cub, a Detroit tiger and a Baltimore oriole.) Adventure kits arrive about every five weeks and are charged directly to your credit card. You can cancel at any time. Printable gift cards are available on the site.

The Present: Highlights Explore America
Where to Get It: Highlights Online
Age Group: 7 – 12 years old
Cost: $5.95 (plus $2.45 S&H)

What’s better than a road trip! With Highlights Explore America, kids visit a new state about every five weeks. In the mail they receive a state map and puzzle book where they must figure out Who, What and Where with the aid of a quirky crew. Along the way they visit man-made wonders and relive historic events that shaped our nation.

The Present: Master Kitz
Where to Get It: Online or Retail Locations 
Age Group: 6-8 years old
Cost: $29.99 plus tax

What to get Kids for Christmas
Master Kitz let kids recreate a masterpiece and add their own flare. A great activity for a pre or post art museum trip.

I absolutely love this gift that lets kids re-create famous paintings by well-known artists. It’s a perfect pre-museum activity or even something to do once you get home. In addition to giving you all the materials to make your own masterpiece, the kit includes a kid friendly biography of the artist and the work.

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