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Pebble Tossers

Pebble TossersBy Sue Rodman
I recently received an email from Field Trips with Sue reader Alissa Shreeve asking if I knew any opportunities for kids to volunteer in the Atlanta area. I wish I could say I’m a huge volunteer and I had a nice list for her, but, I did not. So, I turned to good friend and former co-worker Diane Maicon, who always has something useful up her sleeve, and she suggested the website Pebble Tossers. Pebble Tossers helps children and adults find fun, creative ways to make a difference in their communities. I asked Alissa to review the site so Field Trips with Sue could let readers know what to expect. Below are Alissa’s thoughts on Pebble Tossers. Just below that are additional places that have volunteering options for kids. Let us know your ideas for volunteering with kids.

Thanks Alissa for your inquiry and for writing this great post!

A Review of Pebble Tossers
by Alissa Shreeve

Pebble TossersI am thrilled you found a site which recognizes that little kids can help.  Without registering, you can see a list of the projects and the names show that they are geared towards kids’ interests and capabilities.  I went ahead and registered the family and chose the “Get Matched with a Project” option.

This page lets you select your kids’ ages, areas of interest, the types of things you like to do, and note what you are good at.  It makes it obvious that the intent is for kids to join, as options for things you like to do include: collecting things, dance, getting dirty, horses, and the options for things you are good at include: being loud, being quiet, giving hugs…  Every child will fit a few of these categories!

My search came up with a huge list.  However, the filter for ages didn’t work well.  Many of the projects weren’t age appropriate.  We are still limited due to the kids ages, but I found at least 3 we could participate in – coupon clipping, cake baking, and snack packing. I am happy to find a way to involve my children.

My only complaint about the Pebble Tossers site, and this is a common issue across the web, is that you must register before you can search out and view details on projects.  I hate to give out a lot of personal information (especially with children involved) and resent that it is required just to view the project descriptions.  The personal information includes your entire contact information as well as full birth dates.

For additional volunteering ideas, try these sites

Pebble Tossers
Making sandwiches and assembling lunches is an easy activity for most any age. Let younger kids ring the door bell when you deliver them.


4 Comments on Volunteering with Kids in Atlanta

  1. Check out http://www.HandsOnAtlanta.org
    On the home page, click on the link “Volunteer”
    When the next page comes up, click on “Search Projects”
    When the next page comes up, be sure to click on “Display More Options >>”
    In the section Project Attributes you can select projects which are Ideal for Families or specific age groups such as Elementary (5 – 10).

  2. Thanks Katie. That’s a great option as well. Hands On Atlanta is a good group. I’d also suggest checking out your local church. I know ours tries hard to offer a variety of activities including ones that are good for families. Making PB&J sandwiches for homeless shelters is a popular, and very sticky one.

  3. Delivering meals through Project Open Hand or Meals on Wheels is a GREAT volunteering opportunity with kids. They love ringing doorbells/knocking on doors and greeting folks. It’s also a great way to introduce a conversation about caring for those in need.

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