FREE things to do at Walt Disney World

By Sue Rodman Walt Disney World consistently tops most lists for best family travel destination. However, spending several days at the Disney theme parks can get expensive. When I talk with people about getting the […]

Agent P’s Adventure at EPCOT World Showcase

There are spy’s everywhere. Jet setting from one country to another, keeping the world safe from the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. And it’s all done from a hand held device picked up in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT World […]

Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Wilderness Explorer program at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is education disguised as fun. After taking the Wilderness Explorer pledge, learn the official Caw Caw Roar call for the first of 31 different badges on animal […]

Snorkeling in Port St. Joe Florida

By Sue Rodman The seahorse wrapped his tail around my finger as I swam to the boat. The scallops angrily chomped open and closed with a snap as I studied its sapphire blue eyes, so many […]

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