TreeTop Quest: Adventure Course for Preschoolers through Adults

TreeTop Quest
TreeTop Quest is an adventure course for ages 4 and up. The more advanced courses at TreeTop Quest have swinging bridges, high heights and challenging elements that are lots of fun!

What: TreeTop Quest 
Where: Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation, 2020 Clean Water, Drive, Buford, GA 30519 770-904-3500
When: Daily June & July 10 am – 7 pm, Other months weekends and holidays. Closed December – February. Last ticket sold 2 hours before closing
4 – 6 (Chick’ Pea) $19 for one hour course and $25 for 2.5 hour course
Ages 7 – 11 $29
Ages 12 – 17 and students $39,
Adults (18 and above) $45
Parking is Free
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TreeTop Quest is a self-guided, family friendly canopy adventure course, located on the grounds of the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center. It’s the first canopy adventure course I’ve seen that offers something for kids from preschool (age 4 and up) through high school, which is great for those of us with multiple children across various ages.  There are six courses and each takes about 30 minutes to complete. We’ve profiled them by age group below. Not all children can do all six courses, so check your child’s height and the TreeTop Quest course requirements before you go.

TreeTop Quest
TreeTop Quest is a self-guided tour but staff are there to train participants and monitor their adventure.

Ground School – Learning the Ropes
TreeTop Quest is a self-guided tour that begins with a ground school taught by knowledgeable guides where you master the art of the twitzel. TreeTop Quest is the only location in the U.S. that uses the Twitzel technology. It’s a double carabineer safety system where the first carabineer must be clipped into place before the second can be moved.  After getting the hang of Twitzeling, guests are taught how to safely set up the zip lines, then sent on their way. Guides offer assistance and watch from the ground and sometimes the treetops. Adults are required to be onsite with kids, but if you want to cheer from the ground rather than the trees, that’s ok.

TreeTop Quest
The Twitzel system is unique to TreeTop Quest. It’s a double carabineer system where one carabineer is always locked into place for safety.
TreeTop Quest Adventure Course
Swinging on the rope swing into this net is the hardest obstacle by far. This course offers a fun challenge for tweens and teens.

TreeTop Quest for Tweens and Teens
Tweens and teens will love the challenging elements at TreeTop Quest and can participate on all the courses. Level two is a good place to start and begins at ground level. The elements on Level two are interesting and include walking on and through nets, as well walking across tight ropes and bridges. The spacing between boards on the bridges is uniform and swaying is kept to a minimum. For those with multiple ages, level two is one family members over age 8 can enjoy.

Level three is all easy zip lines that don’t require breaking. Children must be at least 12 year’s of age, as weight and height are needed in order to make it between zip platforms and land safely on your feet (vs. dangling on the zip line).

TreeTop Quest
He makes it look easy, but it’s a bear hanging on to that cargo net and climbing up.

Level four and five are perfect for adrenaline addicts. These courses are much more challenging than the others. Elements are up to 55 feet in the air and often swaying. The highlight of the course is a rope swing into a cargo net. I don’t know how Tarzan does it, I felt myself slipping down the rope as I swung into the net, which isn’t a good thing as you have to climb up the cargo net to the next platform. I’m guessing this is the main reason my legs and arms were sore the next day.

Tree Top Quest Adventure course
Level One “Chirpy on the Branch” for 7 and older offers lots of interesting and challenging elements. Older kids can start here and work their way up to more challenging courses or just do this one over and over.

TreeTop Quest for Elementary-aged children (ages 8 and up)
The Level two course is open to children 8 and up and offers plenty of adventure. Elements include bridges made of various elements and configurations of nets, cable and wood. Kids can go through several times if they want. As fun as this course was, my youngest, who is just 8, was disappointed that he couldn’t do the other courses because he was too young, something to keep in mind if you bring multiple ages.

TreeTop Quest for Preschoolers (ages 4 – 8)
In addition to the five courses for older kids and adults, TreeTop Quest is the only canopy adventure course I’ve seen that has a course for preschoolers. The elements of the Chick’ Pea and Chirpy on the Branch are similar to the Level three Swing in the Trees course, but only about a foot or two off the ground.

Tree Top Quest
The Chick’ Pea course is for kids 4 – 6 years old. It has the same elements as the more challenging courses, but closer to the ground.

Tree Top QuestTips for a Great Day at TreeTop Quest
1. Don’t let rain deter you. Unless it’s a huge storm, TreeTop Quest is open, safe and uncrowded. The day we went it had rained all morning and we had the treetops all to ourselves.

2. Bring water and snacks for after your Quest. Better yet, bring a picnic. There is a large picnic area at the climbing site or go across the parking lot to the beautiful grounds at the Environmental & Heritage Center.

3. For a longer day, plan a visit to the Environmental & Heritage Center museum. We didn’t have time to go in here, but am looking forward to going back for the Crime Lab Detective exhibit that runs July 14 – Oct. 15, 2012.

Tree Top Quest4. Parents do not have to climb with their children, but they do have to be on-site when the kids climb. If you want to bring friends, just remember there must be one adult for every three participating minors.

5. Wear longer shorts or pants. Stylish as those cute little nike running shorts are, I was constantly pulling them under the belts and harness. I would have been more comfortable in longer shorts, capris or even pants.

Field Trips with Sue was given a complimentary adventure at TreeTop Quest for the purposes of reviewing it for this blog, as is common in the travel industry. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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    • Kathy, I agree. It was challenging for adults, yet they still had something for the younger kids too. Have you been to the museum inside the Center? I want to go back and visit that too.

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