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By Sue Rodman
Last Feburary, I took the boys to Sugarloaf Mills mall for the free LEGO mini build. Sugarloaf Mills is in Lawrenceville, a bit of a haul for us intowners, but I have some LEGO lovers and I wanted to check out the new airsoft place too.

What to expect at the Free Lego Mini Build
Last year we arrived at the LEGO store about 5:05 pm. The line was already down the mall! When I asked the folks in front how long they’d been there, they said since 4:00 pm!! The LEGO attendant said they had people showing up around 3:15!!!

We’d already come quite a way, so we decided to wait. It took about an hour in line, but by my calculations, we would have waited the same hour if we’d gotten there earlier too. We had some nice folks around us so it really wasn’t a bad wait. One women told me they bring their homework and sit down and work on it while in line (wish I’d thought of that).

How the Free Lego Mini Build Works
Once inside, you pick up your pieces and head to one of three tables where a LEGO employee assists the kids in putting together their creation. My then five year old said he’d love to come back, but the 10 and 12 year old said it was fun, but they’ve check it off the list now.

The store itself is pretty cool too. There is a screen where you can scan a LEGO set box and it virtually builds it on the screen. As you move the box, the virtually built set moves. It was WAAYYY cool.

Verdict on the Free Lego Mini Build
Bottom line, take a look at this LEGO Mini-Build video to see if this is an activity for you. The only downside in my mind was the long wait, but if you aren’t strapped for time, why not, just come prepared. I also learned that the LEGO store does birthday parties, but you need to schedule them at least 3 – 4 months out. Across the mall is another great place, the Sling Shot Speedway, but that’s another post. We never made it to the Airsoft place.

What: LEGO Mini Build
Where: LEGO Store Sugarloaf Mills Mall
When: First Tuesday of the Month beginning at 5 pm
Cost: FREE (while supplies last)

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