Seven Tips for a Slimetastic Vacation at the Nick Hotel

Nick Hotel via @FieldTripswSue

Nick Hotel via @FieldtripswsueBy Sue Rodman
Imagine your perfect vacation at age nine. It would likely include a massive water slide, bunk beds, an arcade, seeing your favorite TV characters while munching unlimited amounts of chicken fingers, a 4-D theatre, plus maybe a few games where you get a pie in the face, or better yet, watch your parents get a pie in the face. Whatever you do, it would be messy. Very messy.

This ultimate kid vacation exists at the Nick Hotel. The Nickelodeon Hotel and Suites or Nick Hotel is a favorite for the pre-teen and younger set. Kids can sleep in a Sponge Bob themed room in bunk beds, run wild on a giant water slide or meet some of their favorite Nick characters at breakfast. There are also poolside games, a 4D theatre, and nightly shows that feature audience members and the infamous Nickelodeon slime.

The Nickelodeon Hotel
Yes, I dressed as a chicken for the evening show, but my husband got the pie in the face!

A few weeks ago I made a return trip to the Nick Hotel with my youngest son and his friend. We had been there when my older boys were 11 and 9 and they LOVED it. I wanted my younger son to experience the fun too. It was a fantastic weekend that included The Power Rangers. Here’s seven tips to make your trip to the Nick Hotel Slimetastic!

Seven Tips for a Great Visit to the Nick Hotel
Choose Your Pool: The Lagoon pool is the main pool and has the biggest slide. However, during peak times and weekends, it can get pretty crowded. The Oasis pool is quieter and it also has a great slide that goes directly into the pool. It’s a good alternative when the Lagoon pool gets too crowded.
Poolside Extras: For little ones there are free swim vests available along with towels for everyone.
Where to Get Slimed: For the daily mass sliming, you want to position yourself on the white square in front of the bucket. That’s the best place to get the maximum slime.
Your Casting Call: The boys (11, 9, 8) loved participating in the shows. The good news about the more crowded times is there are more shows and more opportunities to participate. For the evening program you must fill out a casting card and return it to guest services by 2:30 pm. Then you need to show up at the pool later in the day for the casting call. Hint: A good source has it that the way you fill out the casting card is important. Don’t just write your name. Decorate it, show some personality. It helps your card stand out in the stack.
Low Down on the KidSuites: The rooms were nice and the boys loved the KidSuite bunk beds. However, the KidSuite only has one bunk bed (or two twins if you don’t want the bunks), so if you have more than two children, bring a blow up mattress for the third child. For larger groups, consider the 2-bedroom Kidsuites. There are two king sized beds, plus the bunk beds and a pull out sofa and full kitchen. This is a great option for larger families or two families willing to share.
Seeing in 4D: All three of my boys loved the 4D Theatre. When I asked the youngest what he like best it was being “sprayed with pickle juice”. The Theatre is a great place on a rainy day or to wait out the crowded times at the pool. Go ahead and get the unlimited ticket, it’s worth it.
Take advantage of the activities: To truly enjoy the Nick Hotel, you need more than one day. Respresntatives say guest satisfaction is higher for those who stay two to three nights. I don’t think that’s a marketing ploy either. There are a lot of activities at the Nick Hotel, but you can’t hit all of them, especially the timed ones, in one day. To that point, staying at the Nick Hotel do spend all day, every day at Disney isn’t cost effective.

Want More on the Nick Hotel
Attend special weekends, like Power Ranger Weekend at the Nick Hotel
I did a review of  the Nick Hotel for Travel Savvy Mom. Here’s a link to that review.

Field Trips with Sue was invited to Orlando to review the Power Ranger Weekends and the Nick Hotel, as is common in the travel industry. All opinions are my own.

What to expect at the Nick Hotel

3 Comments on Seven Tips for a Slimetastic Vacation at the Nick Hotel

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you have any further information on the Nick hotel. I.E. fees and things that does not come with the room rsvp or stay.

    Also, do you know of any discounts for the hotel in July. We live in Duluth Ga. and we are planning on making a trip to the Nick hotel this summer.

    • Darryl, I have not been back to the Nick Hotel since I did this post, so I don’t know what types of deals they have going for this summer. I would go to their website and maybe google Nickelodeon Hotel deals. I believe there is a resort fee you pay in addition to the hotel fee and Florida resort taxes are high. How much in addition to the advertised rate you pay, I do not know. Sorry I wasn’t more help in that area. I can tell you that we had a great time. My boys loved it and there was something for everyone – the 5 year old had a good time, and even the 12 year old.

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