Youth Sports Travel Packing List

sports travel packing list via @FieldTripswSue @SueRodmanBy Sue Rodman

By July, we’ve become quite the road warriors. That’s because each summer we pack up on the weekends and head to lacrosse tournaments up and down the east coast. With two boys on two teams, we’re often heading out on two different road trips on any given weekend.

It’s hard enough to pack for my family when we go away on a trip together, much less split up or packing for an entire team heading to a weekend tournament. It helps to have a checklist of items to bring. In addition, a separate ‘sports box’ is helpful to keep smaller items so you always have them on hand. Here is the beginning of a youth sports travel packing list. What’s on your youth sports travel packing list? How do you get it all in?

A Youth Sports Travel Packing List

Tent: You can’t have a tent city without the tents
Coolers: Especially important in the summer months. Rolling coolers are great for hauling heavy ice and drink filled boxes around to far flung locations.
Tables: The old fashion card table is alive and well, although a bit improved. We always need at least a couple to put the food on during the tournament.
Chairs:  Bring some to view the game and for athletes to sit on in the shade in-between.
Platters: Even if you are ordering sandwiches from a local shop, you’ll need some platters for snacks, cookies or fruit.
Plastic Wrap: Instead of cleaning the platters from lunch, just peel off the plastic wrap, throw it away, and put the platter back for next time.
Cottenelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths: Although most places have built in facilities, you never know if they are monitored all day. There is nothing worse than being hot, sticky and no TP. Chances are, you’ll likely be visiting a port-a-pot at some point too. My kids love the softness of Cottenelle at home, but on the road, I always feel like we need a bit more, and Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths (say that 10 times fast) contain just the right amount of moisture to provide the ultimate clean.

Sports Travel Packing List
A few of the essential items on my sports travel packing list.

Frog Togg or washcloths: Heat exhaustion can be a problem during the summer months. Keep the athletes cool between games with a frog tog or cold washcloths. We like the Frog Togg because it stays cool a little longer. Now we’re looking for them to produce headbands in addition to the towels.
Games: The iPhone or iTouch may keep siblings busy for a little bit, but why not bring some cards or small games to get everyone involved. Some of our favorites: Spot It, Uno and Yatzhee. If you can find the games in tins, even better, that way if something spills or the cooler sweats, it doesn’t warp the cards or paper.
Blanket: Blankets with a plastic backing are fantastic because you can lay them out for the younger siblings or an athlete who wants to stretch out, but you don’t have to worry about the grass getting it wet.
First Aid Kit: Although the tournament office should have a trainer on site with anything you might need, it’s always nice to have a spare band aid or antibacterial suave for a non-sports related mishap.
Sunscreen and a hat: I’ve become a big believer in hats on the fields in addition to my sunglasses. Since I’m not normally a hat wearer, I just pack one in the box for safe keeping.
Umbrella: This summer we’ve seen a lot more umbrellas to keep the sun off. If you can find one that will also keep you cool underneath it, spend the extra money, it’s worth it. Umbrellas are great to keep the sun off on the sidelines of the field, but it’s especially nice when you’re in a stadium with aluminum bleachers that are reflecting the sun like a convection oven.
Bug Spray
Laundry Tablets: Multi-day tournaments mean stinky clothes. Laundry tablets are easy to store and you can bring just what you need.
Quarters: You’ll need these for the laundry
Laundry Bags: Put each players uniform in a laundry bag and you can wash multiple uniforms at once without mixing them up.
Wine Opener: For the evening wine down. Unless of course you have the twist off caps.

Sports Travel
Packing a Frog Togg or just some towels in ice can help keep players cool.

* This post has been sponsored by Cottenelle.

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