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Skiing 101By Sue Rodman
There are several family friendly places for beginners to go skiing near Atlanta. Beech Mountain Resort in North Carolina is one of our favorites and they are offering a special Skiing 101 package for Learn to Ski Month that is perfect for novice skiers because representatives walk guests through each step of the process.

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month: Skiing 101 Package
Many would be skiers give up before they even get to the slopes because they are intimated by the gear and process. To get folks to try skiing, January has been named Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Beech Mountain’s Skiing 101 is the perfect introduction. The package includes one night’s lodging, equipment rental, helmet rental for extra safety, a full-day lift ticket, and a beginner ski or snowboard lesson at Beech Mountain Resort. In addition, representatives of the Resort walk you through everything from lift tickets to equipment rentals to fittings to the proper way to carry skis. They’ll even get you to your lesson on time and prepared for a great day on the slopes. Before you go, you might want to read this post on Ski Gear for Beginners. The month-long program is available Monday through Friday to anyone age eight or older. Cost of enrollment is $101 per person, with double occupancy required.

To make it even easier, just contact participating hotels and lodges and ask for the Skiing 101 package. The accommodation books your room and provides a voucher at check-in to be redeemed at the ski resort for a lesson, equipment rental, helmet rental, and lift ticket. Not sure where to stay? Check out our post on Where to Stay at Beech Mountain.

Fred's Mercantile
Fred and Margie Pfohl own Fred’s Mercantile, a fantastic place for breakfast. Leave a little time for shopping too. If you need a sled for the Free Youth Sledding Hill, purchase or rent one from Fred.

Fun off the Slopes: Beech Mountain’s Free Youth Sledding Hill
In addition to snow skiing and snowboarding, Beech Mountain has ice skating, a free youth sledding hill and lots of space to build a snowman or even have a snowball fight. When God doesn’t provide enough of the white stuff, they have multiple high-powered snow machines on the mountain to ensure a blanket of white on the slopes and the sledding hill. You can even check the status on the Beach Mountain real time web cam. 

If you enjoy skiing, the North Carolina High Country has other resorts too. See the differences in our post on Comparing North Carolina Ski Resorts. 

Beech Mountain NC: Your Guide to Fun in Any Season

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91 Comments on Skiing Near Atlanta: Learn to Ski at Beech Mountain Resort

  1. Since my children have never learned to ski and we are rarely anywhere close to snow, I think we would have to go with the learning to ski options. Having them learn how to ski will allow us to make memories. Even if they found it was too hard to do, memories would still be made just having fun together! According to their website, they have instructors that are prepared to help every level of a skier so that makes this mamma one happy lady!
    I also think my family would like the snowboarding option. They have skateboarding so this might make for an easy transition. It looks like Beech Mountain has a little of everything! Impressed with the events they have planned in January such as the Winter Rail Jam and even a cardboard box derby! My kids would be all over that!

  2. The Skiing 101 program looks awesome! I love the idea of lodging, lessons, and rental all wrapped up together, and it’s a good price to boot. Since it’s in driving distance, it makes it a good quick getaway.

    • I should also say this — I need a ski redemption — The last time I visited Beech Mtn was in 1999 and I was too scared to get on the lift and started sliding backwards down the hill in front of all of our friends from church. Embarrassed. Now 14 years later – I’ve got the courage, I just need to win the package! Help me redeem myself in front of my husband and kids!

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! We have never been skiing & the kids have been dying to snowboard. Love the idea of going during the week when it’s less crowded

  4. This is a great giveaway! My kids would love to learn to snowboard, so the skiing101 package looks like a great deal to stay and play (and learn!).

  5. Would LOVE to introduce my family to skiing! I grew up in the northeast but have not had a chance to ski in years!! Learn to Ski deals look great!

  6. We live in the South and my husband and I both own a snowboard. Needless to say, they don’t get very much use. Our kids are both at the age where they can start learning winter sports too, but the price has always been too expensive.

  7. I’d love to win because I haven’t been skiing in almost 10 years….since moving from NY. My husband and my daughter have never been, so I’d love to take them and show them how fun skiing can be!

  8. This is an awesome place!!! My 11yr old son would love to go sledding at this resort!! The ski packages look great but I looked for one that was just the stay and food and sledding for my son? I don’t ski but maybe for the $101 package I can learn 🙂

  9. This is a fantastic way to get started skiing. I remember going to Beech when I was 16; I think it was the second time I’d ever been skiing. It was just right for a beginning skier, and with the get skiing package, the price sure is right!

  10. I’ve never been able to take my family skiing. Winning this contest would be a dream come true for us. If we don’t win, the Skiing 101 package looks like a great deal.

  11. The ski 101 program for beginning skiers is ideal for families! So glad that they are celebrating their 45th anniversary!

  12. Daughter finally old enough to try this! Definitely on the family to-do list. Thank you so much for always having the best suggestions and information!

  13. We were just in Sapphire Valley Snowtubing with our 8 yr old. We were talking about how we needed to go to Beech and teach her how to ski before she out grew her ski clothes!
    Happy New Year

  14. $101 for a little skiing 101? Clever and affordable! I’ve never tried to ski before, but January would be a great time to start! Thanks for sharing this, Sue.

  15. We haven’t had a vacation in so long, I think we would all enjoy a break and it would be wonderful to learn to ski. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  16. We have never been skiing before so this would be fun for my family. We would certainly do the special–learn to ski and snowboard.

  17. I have not been back to Beech mountain since high school. After falling off the ski lift (beginner mind you) they had to stop the lift and the ski patrol had to rescue me. Might be nice to conquer this fear year’s later.

  18. Every year we talk about taking the kids to ski, but the funding has never been there. we would love the opportunity to introduce the kids to skiing. also, we could make use of our dusty skis in the basement.

  19. I nor my family have ever been skiing. This is an awesome giveaway and we would love the opportunity to visit North Carolina and learn to ski while we are there!

  20. The skiing 101 deal is awesome. My kids love the snow and I would love them to try skiing lessons. I could use a refresher myself. The 2 night pkg is good too. I would be ecstatic if we won. Woohoo!

  21. Wow what a great trip/giveaway! Would love to win. Love the $101 Learn to ski package. What a fun new thing to introduce my kids to. 🙂

  22. There is a give away for ski vacation!!!! “Skiing Near Atlanta: Learn to Ski at Beech Mountain Resort (Giveaway) ” Wow! Who can miss it. Even through I enjoy the warm sunny morning in Atlanta, it must be exciting to touch the snow and hear the wind blow your hair messy and skiing over the white hill with my teen boy. That must be fun to rolling over on the snow with my two snow-loving kids. What it will like to dip ourselves into the hot whirlpool in the middle of the snow white world. Thanks for posting the info for us to prepare the ski trip Bet of all, please vote me to win the giveaway. Thank you~~~~

  23. I love the Skiing 101 option! I have never been skiing so reasonably priced lessons for beginners is exactly what I would need!

  24. The Skiing 101 @ Beech is an awesome package! Even if I don’t win this, this looks like something I’d be interested in. I have not never skied or snowboarded before so it would be perfect for me and my husband!

  25. I would love to win this for myself and my husband. We are both in school and things have been really stressful lately. This would be a perfect getaway!

  26. My husband has done every extreme sport from skydiving to great white shark diving, but has never been skiing…He would LOVE the Skiing 101 PACKAGE!!!

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