Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Adds Virtual Reality: Is it worth it?

How does the Dare Devil Dive virtual Roller Coaster stack up? We'll tell you.

The big drop on the dare devil dive roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

The addition of virtual reality googles to the Dare Devil Dive roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia gives riders the choice of experiencing the ride as a World War II-era stunt pilot performing daring aerial acrobatics or a futuristic soldier taking the planet back from alien invaders by shooting the aliens while  speeding through the 90 degree drops, corkscrew twists, and whizzing by the city skyline at 50 mph.

Six Flags Over Georgia’s Revolution at Dare Devil Dive 

The Dare Devil Dive roller coaster is one of my favorites at Six Flags Over Georgia. The initial 95 degree plummet, the corkscrew turns, and the exceptionally smooth ride are a few of the reasons I never miss riding this coaster. When Six Flags announced the new Revolution at Dare Devil Dive, where you can take the already thrilling experience and add a virtual reality element where riders actually fight aliens WHILE zipping along the roller coaster at 50 mph, I couldn’t wait to bring my boys to test it out. What could be better than marrying two of their favorite past times – roller coasters and video games.

Learn what four kids thought of the new Revolution at Dare Devil Dive roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. I have a lot of tips for how to beat the lines at Six Flags Over Georgia, but the number one rule is…get there early. We arrived a little later than I wanted, but we were still pretty close to opening, and headed straight for Dare Devil Dive. We passed folks walking right on to the Georgia Scorcher and walked through the Dare Devil Dive que all the way to the overhang. I told the boys, let’s ride once so I can get video and then the second time I’ll ride with you. And then, we waited. In the end, I never rode, and we wasted a precious early morning hour on a single ride. Here’s why.

Loading for Revolution at Dare Devil Dive

Loading Revolution at Dare Devil Dive is a painful process. We started to time how long it took to go from gate opening to the car pulling out of the station. 4:05, 4:08, 5:20, 10:24. As we stood in line, the loading actually got longer each time, not shorter. There are several challenges that make loading Dare Devil Dive a long process. First, the head gear. For safety reasons, guests can’t put on the googles until they get into the car. Since many are unfamiliar with the technology and each headset must be individually adjusted, it can take a while. In addition, the headsets don’t always work, so they had to be exchanged, adding additional time. After we left the park, we learned the tips below to make sure you have a working headset, and help move the lines faster. If you are planning to ride Revolution at Dare Devil Dive, you need to read these tips.

Loading for the Standard Dare Devil Dive

Being able to experience a ride in different ways is awesome. It’s one of my favorite things about Star Tours at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, you never know what combination you’ll get. The Dare Devil Dive is still one of my favorite roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia, but I won’t likely ride it again in the current form because the way the que is set up, there is no way to differentiate the regular riders and the virtual reality riders, it’s all one line. So even though employees load the cars based on how you want to experience the ride, all cars are one behind the other. The regular riders are still waiting for guest to figure out the googles before they can go. And with only four cars of six people each available on the loading platform, this is a slower loading ride than say Goliath anyway.

Revolution at Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Experience

Waiting in line too long can diminish ride satisfaction, but if the experience delivers, you can forgive a few extra minutes. My boys and I couldn’t get enough of Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land at Disneyland. No one likes to wait 60 minutes for anything, but once you got on the ride, it was innovative, told a great story and delivered on the promise it made. Revolution at Dare Devil Dive is a great concept that isn’t quite ready for prime time. After waiting over an hour, only one out of the five headsets worked. Two of the boys complained and were allowed to go again without getting off the ride, but even then, the technology was glitchy. As my son was plummeting down the initial dive, his headset image was stuck on top. His body was doing one thing, his eyes were seeing another. Needless to say, he felt a bit sick afterwards.

How Six Flags is Improving Revolution at Dare Devil Dive

As any early adopter of new technology knows, there are often adjustments that need to be made along the way. Six Flags is monitoring and adjusting how they load the cars, and staffing at the ride itself with virtual reality savvy operators. The Dare Devil Dive loading platform can handle a maximum of four cars of six people.  Currently only one of those cars can be loaded and unloaded at a time for the virtual reality due to the way the ride was originally designed, contributing to the slowdown. Six Flags is close to reconfiguring this, and when it’s done, all cars will be able to do virtual reality, and non-virtual reality, and staff will be able to load two cars at once. This means VR guests can get their headsets configured and figured out while the car in front is checking constraints and leaving the station. Six Flags PR Rep Gene Petriello said management is continually evaluating the ride and encourages suggestions. I mentioned giving the staff member at the gate a headset to show folks before getting on the ride how to work it. Riders learning the virtual reality technology is a big reason it takes so long to load, which leads to several tips you need to read before riding the Revolution at Dare Devil Dive to get the best experience possible.

Tips for Revolution Riders to Make Dare Devil Dive Awesome

To get the best virtual reality experience on Revolution at Dare Devil Dive it’s important to prepare before you get to the ride. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The headsets are linked via blue tooth to a box on the back of the car, so the headsets synch to the car itself. When you get the headset in line, put it on your head, adjust the straps. Figure out how to do all of this in line, so you can do it quickly when you get into the car.
  • When you get into the car, put your headset on and adjust the straps. MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure you are looking STRAIGHT AHEAD when you put on the headset. Do not look to the side. Do not chat with your friend in the other seat. LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD. If you are looking to the side when you put on your headset, the video won’t calibrate correctly and it will throw your entire experience off. This is VERY important.
  • Now your headset is on, your straps are tightened, you should see a hanger video. If you don’t see a hanger video, or the hanger is off to the left or the right (because you weren’t looking straight ahead), let the operator know and they can change out your headset (this is what adds time to loading). Six Flags has hundreds of headsets, so if yours isn’t working, let them know.
  • Under the video, you should see text that says ‘Jet ____ ready’ clearly in the middle of your screen. The blank is for whatever number Jet you happen to be in. If you don’t see this, or it’s off to the left or the right (again, because you weren’t looking straight ahead) let the ride operator know. You’ll need a new set of googles to experience the ride correctly.
  • The ride operators will tell you all of this and there is a helpful video in the ride que. Make sure you watch it attentively and encourage those around you to do the same.
  • As with my boys, if you experience the ride and your virtual reality didn’t work, let the operator know and they’ll let you go again without having to wait in line. In addition, they’ll take the glitchy virtual reality headset out of rotation, which can help load the ride faster for those behind you because the glitchy googles are taken out of rotation.
  • Bottom line, the virtual reality is a new technology that everyone is figuring out. Even when Six Flags improves their loading operations, it’s still going to take longer to load this ride than other roller coasters at the park. If you don’t want to wait in line, get to the park a half hour before it opens and head to Revolution at Dare Devil Dive first. Even with the technology issues, this is a popular ride. During our day at the park, it seemed this ride line stayed a consistent 60 minutes. So if you aren’t one of the first ones there, expect to wait about 60 minutes. Use that time to watch the video and figure out the googles before you get to the loading platform.
  • If you meant to get to the park at opening but ended up getting there late and the line for Revolution is already out the overhang, then by-pass it and hit the roller coasters that you can walk on before the crowds get there, then come back to Revolution later. You’ll still wait the 60 minutes but you’ve gotten a few other popular rides under your belt in the precious early morning hours.
  • Six Flags is continually working to improve the experience, and they want your feedback. You can let them know your suggestions at sixflags.com/overgeorgia, on the bottom of the page is a place to fill out a comment card. They do look at all of these comments and make adjustments based on feedback.
  • What more tips on how to beat the lines at Six Flags? Read this post on Tips for a Great Day at Six Flags Over Georgia. 

A Review of the Dare Devil Dive Roller Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

The following is the initial Field Trips with Sue review of the Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia. I covered the opening of the coaster for CBS Better Mornings Atlanta as part of my Field Trips with Sue segment. Although the coaster debuted in 2011, everything below is still accurate.

As part of a CBS Better Mornings Atlanta segment I visited Six Flags Over Georgia to test out their new roller coaster, the Dare Devil Dive. I was pretty nervous going in. I’ve always loved roller coasters, but as I’ve gotten older and the coasters have gotten more ridiculously thrilling, I’m not as game as I used to be. Add to that this coaster takes you up 10 stories straight into the sky (and I mean straight) then plummets down at 95 degrees, beyond vertical, I was quite apprehensive. But in the end, CBS producer Amanda Harley and I had a blast and rode it four times!

Taking a ride on the Dare Devil Dive roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia with test pilot Bret Luedke.
Lockheed Martin F-22 Test Pilot Bret Luedke and Sue

The ride pays homage to World War II-era stunt planes and the daring aerial acrobatics of the pilots. Sitting next to me on my first test run was chief test pilot for Lockheed Martin’s F-22 program Bret Luedke. He said the ride is similar to flying a modern day fighter jet, with the exception that most jets will do an inverted drop, so you are forced INTO your seat as opposed to the Dare Devil Dive where you are flying OUT of your seat. Riders must be at least 48″ tall to ride.

In addition to the first plummet, Dare Devil Dive boasts three inversions, zero-gravity hills and high-speed turns.  The barrel roll in the middle turns you upside down. The ride soars at a blistering 52 miles per hour as it makes its way through 2,090 feet of twisted steel track. For all that action, it’s a surprisingly quiet and smooth ride. A couple of observations from our morning of riding:

Tips for a Great Ride on Dare Devil Dive

1. For a faster ride, find the biggest guys in line and ride with them. Our car was noticeably faster each time we went, the operators pointed out the heavier the car, the faster it will go.
2. Ride in front. Amanda and I both preferred the front. It was a better view of the upcoming twists and turns and it felt like a smoother ride. Our last trip was in the back car and it felt more jerky. That said, some of the roller coaster enthusiasts that were riding as well liked the back best. They concluded that in the back car you came out of your seat a bit more on the plummet adding to the excitement.

For more photos of the Dare Devil Dive Roller Coaster visit Field Trips with Sue on Facebook.


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  1. My favorite Six Flags ride is Goliath but Im sure Dare Devil Dive will be my new favorite when I get to ride it!

  2. Hi Sue, my favorite attractions at Six Flags over GA are the Mine Train, the Scream Machine and the bumper cars…OH, and the WHEELIE. These are the oldies, but goodies. I would LOVE to win these tickets to take my family to Six Flags.

  3. I might be old-fashioned, but I LOVE the log ride. It’s great to get drenched on a hot day. Woohoo! annc999 at yahoo

    Thanks, Sue!

  4. Sue, my favorite is (was!) the Scream Machine. Yes, it has been that long since I have been there. My boys need to experience the Dare Devil!!

  5. Wow — it’s a toss-up between Goliath and Superman. Love the drops on Goliath, and love the face-first hill and on-your-back loop on Superman.

  6. My daughter and grandson ride all the roller coasters – especially The Scorcher, Goliath and Superman. My grandson, who is 9, rides the Scream Machine by himself and loves it. They can’t wait to ride the new Dare Devil!

  7. Hi Sue!

    Hmmm, I haven’t been there in about 7 years, so I really can’t include the new rides in my selection. BUT it’s hard for ANY ride to top ‘Thunder River’ for me! =)

  8. Hey Sue. Thanks for sharing your experience about the Dare Devil Dive! I’d have to say that my favorite attraction at Six Flags over GA is the Peachtree Square Sky Buckets. It’s perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating to see the rest of the park!

  9. I love Goliath and Thunder River!! My daughter is finally tall enough to ride the BIG coasters and we are very excited to go this year. She is just shy of the new Dare Devil, but I think she still may need to build up to it anyway.

  10. I love all the rides. I have been going to Six Flags for over 45 years and still have a blast! Now I can enjoy it with my children! Many things have changed over those years, but it gets better and better. I would love to take the family this year!

  11. The Scream Machine, Bumper Cars, Log Jamboree and Splash Water Falls! Have a great summer! More fun, more flags, Six Flags!

  12. We’re a family of 4 who would love to try Dare Devil Dive. Always looking for a great deal, I learned about your website on 11Alive last week! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  13. My favorite ride is the mind bender but now that my son is tall enough to ride the roller coasters I can’t wait to experience them with him and see what his favorite is,

  14. My family and I love thunder river, and now my daughter is tall enough to ride all the rides this year so we can’t wait to go back this summer!!

  15. I have always loved The Monster Plantation, which is now called The Monster Mansion now. It has been my favorite since I was a little kid!

  16. Wish we had a favorite!!! My kids are finally old enough to ride the rides…and we have not been able to afford to go!!!

  17. I’d love to take my family-I haven’t been in 10 years and reaaaaly want to ride Dare Devil-sure to be my favorite!

  18. I wonder if the Free Fall is still there? It’s been about 15 years since I’ve been, but it would be great to have some new memories with my own children.

  19. Oh goody, I’m submitting right before 12am 🙂 Also, I would have to say Thunder River is my favorite attraction at Six Flag Over Georgia.

  20. I love the Dahlonega Mine Train. I would love to win. My boys have never been but I know they would love it

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