SeaWorld Orlando: An 8-year-old’s review

SeaWorld Orlando
Collecting trading cards from education staffers was a hit with my youngest.

What: SeaWorld Orlando
Where: 7007 Sea World Dr., Orlando, FL 32821
When: SeaWorld Orlando is open seven days a week. Visit the SeaWorld Orlando website for updated hours

My son wasn’t sure what to expect at SeaWorld Orlando, he figured it was like the Georgia Aquarium here in Atlanta. Turns out there were animal exhibits, but a whole lot more.

The shows were a big hit, although he asked more than once – What is Shamu? Thankfully, after we caught the show the questions ended. The animal exhibits didn’t disappoint and although some of the sea life we’ve seen at the aquarium, it was still fun to experience them in a new setting. He wasn’t tall enough for the big roller coasters, but he did enjoy the tamer Shamu Express and the three story netted playground with tunnels and tire swings high in the air. I asked him to tell me in his own words what was his favorite part of SeaWorld Orlando and what tips he’d have for other guests. Here’s what he said.

SeaWorld Orlando
Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island was our favorite show. Campy, slapstick fun.

What did you like best about SeaWorld Orlando?
I liked the animal cards because they are collectible.
SeaWorld education staff carry animal trading cards with them and hand them out, free of charge to kids that ask. Usually children must ask a relevant question or answer one from the staffer. It was a fun activity to do in the park and it got my son thinking about thoughtful questions he could ask.

Tips for a great day at SeaWorld Orlando
1. Start collecting the cards at the beginning of the day. People run out of cards by the end of the day and you’ll get more cards if you start early.

2. Catch the Pirate Show (Seamore & Clyde take Pirate Island) because it’s really funny and it’s a good show. (Editors Note: Seamore & Clyde take Pirate Island has been retired, but a new sea lion and seal show has replaced it. We have not seen the new show, so if you have, tell us what you think)

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SeaWorld Orlando
Shamu’s Happy Harbor playground offered three stories of climbing fun.
SeaWorld Orlando
Checking out the sea lions, the stars of our favorite show.

My family was given media passes to SeaWorld Orlando. All opinions are our own.


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