Rent Ski Clothes with GetOutfitted and Just Pack a CarryOn

Everything was laid out to seal into bags; a cornucopia of color, brands and sizes. There were black pants and a blue UNC hat for my youngest from the Culps; the middle son’s brown pants courtesy of the Staley family; a green jacket and other cold weather gear from another friend. My brother loaned us goggles; surely they would fit someone. I began stuffing everything into borrowed vacuum seal bags to compress the puff enough to fit into our oversized luggage. So is the packing ritual for a ski vacation, southern style.

Rent Ski Clothes with GetOutfitted and Just Pack a CarryOn

Simplify Your Family Ski Vacation
We left Atlanta with just our carry ons for a ski trip!! I’m still pretty amazed we were able to pack this lightly for a ski trip.

In truth, I’d started packing weeks before. Being from Atlanta, we don’t have a lot of cold weather clothing lying around. I needed a few weeks to scour our house for the odd jacket someone gave me from lost and found, the one pair of googles my brother gifted us, and my 80’s era ski pants. Don’t laugh, they still work, and more importantly, they still fit.

After scrounging through the house, I go through the friend list for folks I think, or know might have the cold weather gear in the sizes we need for a ski trip out west. Then it’s the drive around town to pick everything up.

Rent Ski Clothes, Pack Less

GetOutfitted Ski Rental Clothes
It was like Christmas morning opening our GetOutfitted package. Paper flying everywhere, kids trying everything on immediately.

I love to ski, and so does my family, but as you can see, it’s kind of an ordeal. Southerners just don’t have the gear, and once you round it all up, packing it for a trans-continental flight is a pain.

This ski trip, I was introduced to GetOutfitted, a ski clothing rental company that does all the packing for you (BooYah!!), and delivers it to your door. Our ski trip was to Breckenridge, but they also deliver to 23 other ski resorts in California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Montana and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Once your trip is done, put everything in the self addressed and stamped bags, and drop them at the front desk, rental office or post office.

I set out to think of three reasons I LOVE this service to write this post, but it’s ballooned into six.

Six Reasons to Rent Ski Clothes

  1. DisclosureNo scouring your closets and your friend’s closets to find appropriate clothes that actually fit.
  2. No trying to stuff four down coats, four ski pants, four gloves and goggles into a little suitcase.
  3. As much as I like the fact that I can still fit into those 80’s ski pants, it would be nice to wear something a little hipper on the slopes. Get Outfitted sent us top brands like Burton, Patagonia and Obermeyer.
  4. Without bulky gear, we were able to pack carry-ons and avoid baggage claim all together. Bonus!
  5. It felt like Christmas morning unboxing our gear. Plus having a package waiting was a special treat.
  6. When the trip is over, I don’t have to wash everyone’s clothes, separate out what goes to what family and then spend the next week returning everything. When you are done, bag up your gear and send it back with the return label included in your box.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.42.11 AMShopping for Ski Clothes at GetOutfitted

Ordering from GetOutfitted was like buying anything online. It was easy, and fun. I told the boys to pick out their favorite combination, choose the color they wanted, and then measured them to make sure we were ordering the right size. When I had a question, online support was right there and answered it quickly. That’s it. All done.

Testing the GetOutfitted Promise

I was a little concerned about sizes because our measurements were on the cusp, but the GetOutfitted folks told me no worries, if it doesn’t fit, they’ll bring you a new size, or worst case, overnight you a different one, no charge, adding they have a 98% customer satisfaction rating, so for the most part, it’s never an issue anyway. However, we did have an issue with missing goggles. I contacted GetOutfitted and they returned my call promptly. The next day we had goggles waiting on our door, and Andrew had been in contact with us since we reported the goggles missing.

Here’s what it looked like when we got our gear. If you liked this post, check out this one on Simplifying your Family Ski Vacation.

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