Operation Spy: Do You Have What it Takes to be James Bond or Jason Bourne?

International Spy Museum
During Operation Spy, operatives deactivate the security system before searching the officials office. (photo courtesy of the International Spy Museum)

What: Operation Spy Interactive Experience
Where: International Spy Museum, | 800 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004 | 202.EYE.SPYU
When: Missions are available throughout the day
Cost: Order online $14.95 per person
A combo ticket of Operation Spy and the International Spy Museum is $27.95

Imagine yourself as James Bond? Jason Bourne? Maybe Alex Rider? Then you’ll love Operation Spy, an immersive guest experience at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC that turns ordinary people into international espionage operatives. While working to solve a case taken from actual spy files, listen to wire-taps, break in and search official offices, and escape via a high speed chase.

International Spy Museum
Spies meet their contact in the courtyard of Khandar village and follow him to a warehouse, the front company for our operations. (Photo courtesy of the International Spy Museum)

How Operation Spy Works
Groups of up to 15 people make up the team. Once briefed, newly minted spies meet their contact on the streets of the fictitious middle eastern town of Khandar. While twisting through side streets and slipping through doors that lead to shell companies for your spy operations, it’s easy to forget that you are in the heart of Washington DC, rather than the middle east. Throughout the mission, teams are scored on their decisions and actions. A guide  assists, but the group must make the final decision on what to do in the unique situations.

My favorite part was searching the official’s office, making sure to put everything back where it was. We did a pretty good job returning the scene to it’s original state, but I think our group has a long way to go before we go completely  unnoticed.

The museum also has a GPS scavenger hunt program called Spy in the City, which I thought would be a great way to see Washington DC and is appropriate for younger children. Through clues, guests discover various sites around the city that have connections to real life spying. This is on my list for our next visit.

A few things to know about Operation Spy
1. Museum Tickets Not Necessary. You do not need to purchase tickets for the International Spy Museum in order to participate in Operation Spy. The Operation Spy tickets are totally separate.

2. Great for Those with Limited Time. At one hour, Operation Spy is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time, but want to see what the Spy Museum is all about.

International Spy Museum
Operatives listen in for clues and track movement here. (photo courtesy of the International Spy Museum)

3. Mature Kids Only. This experience is for children 12 and up. The situations didn’t seem that intense to me, but can get your heart pumping and younger children may not understand it’s just a game.

We were given tickets to this attractions for the purposes of review, as is common in the travel industry. The opinions expressed are our own and I only recommend places I would visit.