Sweeten Your Walt Disney World Park Experience for Free

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue

There may not be much that’s free at Walt Disney World, but these in-park scavenger hunts are the perfect free activity and are great souvenirs to take home.

Walt Disney World In-Park Experience is Free Fun

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue
The map and cards you received free to begin your Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom quest make great (and cheap) souvenirs.

Vanquishing evil villains, searching for pirate booty, catching the bad guy, and exploring the wilderness. It’s all in a days work at Walt Disney World, and it’s all FREE with park admission. These four awesome in-park scavenger hunts keep you out of the ride lines and doing more than just shopping and eating, plus they make some pretty cool souveniors. And did I mention, they’re FREE?

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – This was my son’s favorite part of our visit to the Magic Kingdom. Merlin needs help defeating the evil villains that are trying to destroy the Magic Kingdom. Use special playing cards at magic portals throughout the park to  defeat the bad guys. Get your first set of cards and a map to the portals for FREE at the Fire House on Main Street. There are different levels of play, so if you have time, level up.

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue
Learning the Explorer’s Pledge and learning the Wilderness Explorers Call.

A Pirate’s Adventure – If wandering throughout the entire Magic Kingdom is a bit much for you, then try a Pirate’s Adventure which is only throughout Adventureland. Captain Jack Sparrow needs help raiding five treasures throughout Adventureland. A magic talisman starts the game and one of five maps guide you on your quest. The recruitment headquarters is a small building across from Peco’s Bill’s restaurant and outside the Pirates of the Caribbean shop.

Wilderness Explorers – This program is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you’ve seen the movie UP, then you know about the Wilderness Explorers. Just across the wooden bridge that connect Oasis to Discovery Island, stop at the kiosk to be initiated into the Club. Then take your booklet to various locations throughout the park to earn badges. You’ll learn a little bit about the culture, wildlife, habitats and more. Do as many badges as you like each visit, pick up where you left off the next time.

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue
Unpaid Internships Available. They don’t tell you you’re undertaking a dangerous spy mission around the world.

Agent P’s Adventure – Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s has an evil plan to take over EPCOT and you must help Agent P save the day. You’ll travel the world unlocking clues to the devious plot and defeat Doofenshmirtz using a cell phone type device that you can pick up at the Odyssey Bridge, Norway Pavilion, Italy Pavilion or near the International Gateway. Unlike Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, there are no obvious portals to visit. The hand held device gives you clues to what you are seeking. When you find it, use the device to make something come alive.

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