Medieval Times Atlanta Offers New Show

Medieval Times Atlanta
Photo by Medieval Times

What: Medieval Times Atlanta
Where: Discovery Mills Mall, 5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
When: Times vary, Check website for show times
Cost: Adult: $51.95+ Children $35.95+
Specials: Check the Medieval Times Atlanta website for the latest discounts

Medieval Times Atlanta has a new show, the first since 2007. To find out what you need to know before you go see the new Medieval Times Atlanta Dinner and Tournament, see our post on the topic. Although we can give you tips on a great experience, we haven’t seen the new show. However, Shellie Ward with SeeGoMama! went to the premiere of the new Medieval Times Atlanta show with her two daughters. Her thoughts on the show follow.

It is not often when a family can go to one place and EVERYBODY have a really great time. Parents don’t have to hush their kids, and children can scream to the top of their lungs.  Medieval Times Atlanta offers such a unique experience where all family members can get into character, and table manners are out the door! The show is new and improved with lots of action!

Upon arrival, we were assigned to cheer for the “Green Knight”!  We all received our green crowns and I got into character. All of a sudden I had an English accent.  The girls said, “Mom, why are you talking like that!” and in my best British accent, I said “For whatever are you talking about?”   We went back in time, and were greeted by squires, lords, and princesses!  The girls’ eyes were huge not knowing what to anticipate.  Once we entered the castle, the only light was from fire.  For once Harley, stayed close by and followed directions!  Everyone was in the lobby,( or whatever you call it in a castle), playing games, little boys were being knighted, and loyal subjects eating hors d’oeuvres.

Medieval Times Atlanta
Haven Ward meets with the characters from Medieval Times. Photo by Shellie Ward.
Medieval Times Atlanta
In addition to a new storyline, the production includes a number of other updated components, including new costumes, theatrical lighting, horse dressage elements, choreography and battle scenes, as well as an entirely new musical score custom-composed for Medieval Times and recorded in Kiev, Ukraine.
Medieval Times Atlanta
My boys favorite part of the show is always the battles. Photo provided by Medieval Times

The” Green” section was called to be seated.  I made sure the girls used the restroom, because I didn’t want to miss a beat! Once we found our seats, we dabbled in our bags and the girls were playing with our green flags and light up sticks.  Our “wench” greeted us and asked about any dietary/ allergy alerts. The house lights dimmed and the show began.  I felt like a kid again.  I didn’t have to make any decision on what I wanted for dinner because the menu is set. Everyone is served the same thing and either you eat it or you don’t!  Because we were in “medieval times” there were no utensils.  The performance began with beautiful white horses that had an exuberant glow.  The horses did tricks and there were other acts leading to the introduction of the knights. We cheered on our knight.  He had a flower, kissed it and threw it into our section.  Haven caught the flower in mid air and pressed it against her heart!

Medieval Times Atlanta
Photo provided by Medieval Times
Medieval Times Atlanta
Harley and Haven Ward enjoyed their travel back in time. Photo by Shellie Ward.

In her past life, Haven may have lived during these times.  She fit right in.  She slurped her entire bowl of tomato bisque and then slurped mine! I can’t pay her to eat anything tomato based, beside pizza, any other time. When the chicken was slapped on our plates, Haven says “Mommy, is this chicken or DRAGON?” The sigh of relief on her face when I assured her it was chicken was classic. We raised our glasses with the royal court before the duals began.  We cheered and proudly waved our flags as our knight had his first dual and he WON! Meanwhile, a different course was being served and our drinks were refreshed.

The Green knight lost, but it was a fantastic evening!

The stuff you need to know before you go….

  • Arrive at least 20-30 minutes early so that you can enjoy the preshow activities.
  • Children under 3 that will sit in your lap are free.
  • Look out for discount coupons!
  • Go to the restroom before you enter the stadium.
  • For children the beverage options are water, Pepsi, or tea. So if you’re child does’t want either, bring a juice box or two.
  • Alcoholic beverages are available.
  • Gratuities are encouraged.
  • Great outing for families, or adults, or even a date. Unlike the movies, or a performance, you can interact with each other during the show.
  • You can arrange for Medieval Times to announce you birthday or special occasion.
  • The violence is equivalent to what you see on WWE wrestling.
  • There are no utensils to eat with, but its food that you can eat with your hands.
  •  There is a gift shop.

49 Comments on Medieval Times Atlanta Offers New Show

  1. Hello, I’ve heard a lot about medieval times…have never been but my young children would definitely love something like medieval times: they are big fans of the lord of the rings trilogy so I can imagine how excited they would be.

    Also, this is something we can all enjoy together.


  2. While the Royal package upgrade is a nice treat…the regular seats are just as good. There’s not really a bad seat in the stadium.

  3. I have family coming from overseas. This will be a great opportunity to show them about the fun things you can do in United States and why not, send some publicity farther too.

  4. We took my son to Medieval Times for his 10th birthday. He had a great time and got knighted by the king. It is kind of expensive, but if you watch they sometimes have buy one get one free ticket deals, which we took advantage of. It is a great night out of dinner and entertainment for all ages.

  5. Arriving early is the best tip, I believe. You never want to be rushed and it’s not as much fun looking around the lobby after the show.

  6. This is what my daughter wants for her birthday with just one friend instead of having a party. Would love to win it! Thanks for the chance!

  7. We’ve never been to Medieval Times and this show sounds like one we don’t want to miss. Thanks for the tips on things to know before we go!

  8. Good tip to bring juice boxes. I don’t like my daughter to drink soda and also she drinks water, she’s not a big fan.

    • Jennifer, that is a good tip about bringing the juice boxes. My son doesn’t drink soda and doesn’t like tea, so he was stuck with water. I should actually add that to the post. Thanks!

  9. Love Medievil Times. My family has been once in Duluth and they loved it they ask to go a bunch but just havent got around to going again. We would love to win tickets

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