Marriott Evergreen Resort: Exploring Stone Mountain’s Wild Side

Marriott Evergreen Resort
Stone Mountain Park
This mill was so picturesque with the beautiful fall leaves all around.

My family’s schedules get busier and busier each year. It’s hard to find time to really get away. Lately I’ve been looking for escapes close to Atlanta that feel miles away. So when the Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain Park approached me about experiencing their hotel, just 40 minutes from my front door, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve always wanted to stay at Stone Mountain. We’ve had lots of fun times at the Crossroads section of the park. My kids love Snow Mountain and Stone Mountain Christmas in the winter and my youngest could spend hours in the Great Barn. I particularly enjoyed SkyHike, billed as the nations largest adventure course.

Exploring the Natural Side of Stone Mountain Park
However, this particular visit, my son and I decided to explore a little more of the natural side of Stone Mountain. We packed our bikes, although you can rent them there, and headed out. Our first discovery was an outdoor Granite Museum.  Stone Mountain granite was quarried until the 70s and can be found in buildings as far away as Japan. The mountain is starting to be reclaimed by nature, but the former abuses still scare the landscape.

Stone Mountain Park
Robbers would hide out in the rafters to jump down on unsuspecting riders. Now this is a prime picture spot. You can still drive through it too!

Next we found an old Mill, perfect for pictures, especially with fall leaves hitting their peak. We opted to leave the bikes in the car as it seemed a bit hilly for bicycles. There were lots of adults riding, but I didn’t see any kids. It may be a bit much for them on bikes. Instead, we hiked along the water to see the old covered bridge. We both thought it interesting that robbers would hide in the rafters and jump down on unsuspecting carriages.

You can’t visit Stone Mountain without hiking the big rock. My son had never done the walk up trail, so we marched the mile up the mountain to the top. It’s easy going at first, but as you get closer to the top, it gets a bit steeper. Coming down, my son was laughing at the poor people heading up with their suits and flip flops, commenting, ‘they have no idea how far they have to go’.

Stone Mountain Park
Starting our walk up the mountain.
Stone Mountain
We made it to the top!

Marriott Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain Park
After our hike up the mountain, we checked in to the Marriott Evergreen Resort, where we retired to our room, or rather suite, to rest and get ready for our evening and dinner. The Marriott Evergreen Resort is located within Stone Mountain Park, nestled in the forest, so you really feel like you are away from it all because you are. I sat out on our deck overlooking the lake while my son surfed all the cartoon channels, wallowing in the huge king-sized bed.

Marriott Evergree Resort
There are fire pits all around the resort.

My Favorite Things
My favorite part of the Marriott Evergreen are the amenities. There is an indoor and outdoor pool and jacuzzi. You’d think it would be too cold to swim in November, but the outdoor pool was heated! Off the registration desk is a coffee shop with a deck full of tables and chairs that overlook the pool, and giant chess and checker boards. For cool nights, there are also fire pits. Under the deck is the Stonewall’s restaurant with lots of televisions and pool tables. I couldn’t help but think what a perfect location this would be for a group of kids – especially my teens. It would be a great quick getaway for a school break. The kids could basically run around the pool area with lots of different things to do, while the moms could easily watch from the deck (maybe with a glass of wine). We could bring some s’more fixings and bam, instant party. They also have a great golf course, but we didn’t check that out.

Marriott Evergreen Resort Stone Mountain
We loved playing the giant chess (and they have checkers too). This guy wasn’t too excited when I beat him though.

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