Ice Skating Atlanta: Centennial Olympic Park

Ice Skating in Atlanta: Centennial Olympic Park

Ice skating at the Centennial Olympic Park ice rink is a holiday tradition in my family, we go every year to skate and look at the lights in the Holiday in Lights display. Based on a few years experience and a chat with a former park employee, here are some suggestions if you plan to go ice skating at the Centennial Olympic Park ice rink.

Ice Skating Atlanta: Centennial Olympic Park

Ice Skating in Atlanta: Centennial Olympic ParkGo on a Cold Night – The reality of ice skating in an outdoor ice rink in the South is the ice can be mushy, especially on warm winter nights. For maximum hardness (and dryness), go early when the ice is freshest or when it’s cold outside – the colder, the better. Note: If it’s been warm, call first to make sure it’s cold enough to make the ice. We scheduled a birthday party on opening weekend one year and the ice wouldn’t harden so they didn’t open.

Avoid Crowds, Go Early – Like most attractions, mornings and early in the week are the best times to go if you don’t like crowds. We’ve been on a weekend night before and had a fine time, but if you want to feel like you own the ice, go early in the week (M – W) or early in the mornings. FYI – If you have a group of 50 or more skaters and pre-purchase tickets, the Park will open the rink privately outside of regular operating hours at no additional cost.

Small Kids, Go Early – If you’re one of those first time parents that frowns at the older kids running around on the playground, you’ll want to skate early. Let’s face it, there are few people in Georgia who actually KNOW how to skate, much less stop. The later you go, the more chance you’ll run into kids like mine that are more interested in speed than brakes.

Do Save Time to Enjoy the Park – Centennial Olympic Park is a wonderful legacy from the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. There are two fabulous playgrounds near the ice rink and a huge lawn perfect for frisbee, football or just running around. Take time to visit the Holiday Light display in the park. Take in the lights on a stroll to see the Fountain of Rings. There are light and water shows daily at 12:30, 3:30, 6:30 and 9 pm.
What: Centennial Olympic Park Ice Rink
Where: Centennial Olympic Park
When: Nov. 21, 2015 – Jan. 10, 2016, Visit the webpage for specific times

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  1. Sounds good – would you be able to tell me where the ice rink is? Their web site just says “in the park” with no map or anything. I’ve never been and for parking and such it would be very helpful to know more specifically where the ice rink is located…

    • The ice skating rink is down by the Aquarium and World of Coke. You could park in either one of their decks, or look for surface parking around that end of the park.

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