High Museum of Art’s Dream Cars with Kids

High Museum of Art Dream Cars @FieldTripswSue
High Museum of Art Dream Cars via @FieldTripswSue
The kids audio tour is a perfect way to engage children in this innovative exhibit. My kids are always more engaged with an electronic in their hand.

By Sue Rodman
These hot wheels don’t run on orange track, but they embody just as much creativity as a five year old revving his imaginary engine. They are dream cars. Concept vehicles created by companies like Bugatti, Porsche, BMW and Ferrari to experiment with and foreshadow future automobile design. It’s all part of the High Museum of Art’s latest exhibit Dream Cars, Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas. 

Kids Audio Tour
When visiting the High Museum of Art’s Dream Cars with kids, be sure to pick up (or download) a kids audio guide. I find my kids are always more engaged with a museum if it comes with some kind of electronic. Put together by Julia Forbes, the High’s director of interpretation, the guide follows Jason and Dot as they make several stops to study the cars and drawings in the exhibit. Along the way, the cars talk to them about their unique designs and innovation and help the kids build their own car. See if your kids can spot the precursor to the minivan, or my favorite, the BMW Gina Light Visionary Model, which is wrapped in a fabric that is similar to a thick speedo swimsuit. The guide is $6 for non members at the museum, or $1.99 downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

High Museum of Art Dream Cars w/Kids via @SueRodman @FieldTripswSueInnovative Car Themed Gifts
I’m not one to visit the museum gift shop with the kids. Our treat is usually the event rather than a parting gift. However, there are some really cool items in the exhibit gift shop. My favorite is the cars and tape. Create a road for your cars wherever you go, then just pull it up when you’re done. For mom, I LOVE the purses made from old tires. What a great backstory

The Future is Here
The cars in the High’s exhibit were never meant to be mass-produced, but all paved the way for current automobile design. On a recent trip to Disney World for the Traveling Moms conference, I was able to test drive the new 2015 Chevy cars. Although these aren’t concept cars, they do have some futuristic features, like a personal 4G hot spot that allows up to seven people to be online at once, and instead of cup holders at every turn, they have USB ports, plus the innovative OnStar safety program.

Discount and Free Tickets to the High Museum of Art
The High Museum of Art has several discount days and ways to visit for free. See their webpage for details. 

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    • TJ, We were allowed to take non-flash photos. I believe they do allow some photography, but not in all areas. You might want to call first to make sure you can do what you want when you get there. It’s a great exhibit.

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