Geyser Towers: Stay Cool at Stone Mountain’s Wet Ropes Course

Geyser Towers
Image Courtesy of Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park has come up with some incredible must do attractions and Geyser Towers is one of the best to keep you cool all summer long. This is a ropes course with multiple levels of suspended bridges and net tunnels all connected to platforms that overlook a gushing water geyser. They say you can get wet or not, but I don’t see how you can come out of this without being sprayed.

In order to do this attraction, you must wear close toed shoes. Little ones between 32′ and 40′ must be accompanied by a chaperone aged 16 or older. At least this isn’t as tight as getting up in one of those Chick-fil-A towers to fetch your child. To see a video of Geyser Towers in action, visit Geyser Towers Launch.

While your at Stone Mountain Park, plan to stay late and see the Laser Light Show. It’s a fun, patriotic feel good evening on the great lawn. Images and fireworks are projected on to the Stone Mountain in front of the carvings.

38 Comments on Geyser Towers: Stay Cool at Stone Mountain’s Wet Ropes Course

  1. Am we the only family in Atlanta that has never been to Stone Mountain?!? Been here almost 5 yrs. I think this summer is it!!

  2. I so enjoy your blog posts and am paying double attention now that summer is just days away!! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  3. Love Stone Mountain! This year I think my kids are big enough to do the ropes course and of course, we love to Ride the Ducks! And great for my rising 4th grader who is learning about GA history.

  4. I accidentally hit enter before leaving a blog post. I have used many of Sue’s ideas for fun and low cost field trips for our family, but as a single homeschooling mom of 3 I haven’t been able to afford some of the more expensive new fun stuff going on in metro Atlanta and would love to win tickets to this pass at Stone Mtn! Sounds so fun!

  5. We love spending time at Stone Mountain. In the summer, we go in the afternoon so we can enjoy the park, have a picnic dinner and then catch the Laser Show!

  6. Stone Mountain tip is to bring a blanket or lawn chairs with a picnic to enjoy the laser show or just to relax on the lawn.

  7. This sounds like so much fun!!! Would love to
    go with my two kids and hubby… Great prize!
    Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win 🙂

  8. If you are going to climb the mountain get there early in the morning. It is a lot cooler than later in the day!

  9. Our family has been to St Mtn dozens of times but only to enjoy the natural (free) beauty of the park. We would love to enjoy the rest of it for free!!!

  10. My kids have never been to Stone Mountain and it has been years since I have been. It is high time I take them!

  11. It’s easy to spend the entire day out there. Don’t forget to get off the beaten path and check out some of the trails. During the heat, they’re nicely shaded. Make sure to take plenty of water along!

  12. My sons have enjoyed Sky Hike and I know they would love the added water feature. Your tips are GREAT!! Stumbled on your site through the Atlanta Bargain Hunter. I check your site weekly. Sometimes I go on the field trips WITHOUT my kids!! LOL!!!

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