Georgia Wakeboard Lessons: Summer School on the Lake

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons
Watching from the boat is as much fun as boarding.

What: Georgia Wakeboard Lessons
Where: Jackson Lake (but instructors will travel to instruct on other lakes)
When: All summer long
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As a way to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation, I took my boys to Lake Jackson, about an hour south of Atlanta, to learn wake boarding from professional wake boarder Brett Lee of Georgia Wakeboard Lessons. Hanging out at the lake on a beautiful day was a perfect way to welcome summer.

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons
Ready to go. He was doing 180s by the end

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons offers session rates, as well as hourly rates. We went out for three hours, which was perfect for the four of us, all novices who had never wake boarded. In that time we learned how to get up on the board and enjoyed riding. It was harder for some than others to stand up. It took me several attempts, but once I got the technique down, it was actually easy. In fact, unlike water skiing, if it’s hard, you aren’t doing it right. My middle son was comfortable enough on his second go round to try a 180. After a little instruction, he got it (although a little shaky). He would have been happy to stay out all day and improve his technique, but that’s for another lesson.

Tips to learn how to Wake Board
A calm lake is the best condition for learning to wake board. If you can do it, weekdays are the best time to come for ideal water conditions. If you come on a weekend, be out on the lake by 10:30 am for the calmest water. Georgia Wakeboard Lessons has all the equipment, but bring a cooler with some drinks and a CD of your favorite music. Mastercraft is a partner with Georgia Wakeboard Lessons and provides top of the line boats for the lessons. The boats include an impressive speaker system, however radio reception on the lake is sketchy, so bring your favorite music to jam to as you board. Lessons can be tailored for all ages, so bring the family.

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons
Georgia Wakeboard uses the same boats as the X-Games!
georgia wakeboard lessons
Getting up is super easy once you learn to let the boat pull you up.

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons is owned and operated by Brandon and Brett Lee, two brothers who are also professional wake boarders and certified instructors. Their long list of credentials can be found on their website Georgia Wakeboard Lessons. You can probably find other instructors with similar credentials, but going out with Brett was like hanging with a friend on the lake. Perhaps that’s because we started our adventure at the Lee home on Lake Jackson. The business is a family affair. Instead of being greet by a random person behind a desk, we were welcomed by Dana Lee and their two dachshunds.

I love being out on the lake on a beautiful day, but since I don’t have a lake house, it was fun just riding around in the boat. If you do have a boat and would like instruction, Brandon and Brett travel to 17 other lakes in Georgia. I didn’t even know Georgia had that many lakes.

Georgia Wakeboard Lessons
The crew after a fun day on the lake.
Georgia Wakeboard Lessons provided lessons for Field Trips with Sue for review purposes. We only recommended places we would go and vendors we would use.





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