Downtown Family Fun at Game X

Game X
Game X is an arcade restaurant across from the Georgia Aquarium in Downtown Atlanta.

By Sue Rodman
Game X
Where: 275 Baker St., Atlanta, Ga. 30313 | 404-525-0728

When I told my kids we were going to Game X, they were super excited. “You mean we get to eat fried food and play video games all night?” It was a boy heaven. Over the summer we had an intense Skee-Ball competition at a little hole in the wall place along the Rehobeth Beach boardwalk, but since ESPN Zone left Atlanta, I don’t think we’ve frequented an arcade restaurant. I knew the boys would have a great time, but figured I’d just tag along. In the end, we all had fun together and I even had to drag my husband away from the Pop-a-Shot.

The Space at Game X
The space at Game X isn’t as large as suburban arcade restaurants like Dave and Busters, which makes it easy to keep track of kids. We went on a slow Sunday night, so it wasn’t a problem, but I don’t think even on a crowded evening you’d have issues if the kids went in different directions. The facility is family friendly, but caters to an adult crowd. After 9 pm, you must be 21 to enter or accompanied by an parent.  That said, we saw more families than rowdy partiers, but it is something to keep in mind.

The giant Connect Four made me feel like we were on a TV game show.
The giant Connect Four made me feel like we were on a TV game show.
Game X
The older boys like the shooting games.

The Games at Game X
Game cards hold your chips and your coupons and never expire, so if you come often, spend a little more on the front end for more chips. There is a $1 activation fee for all new cards, but they give you five extra chips for the activation. Games run between 4 and 12 chips each. When you swipe your card, it will tell you how many chips you have left and how many coupons you’ve acquired, so there’s no losing coins or coupons running from game to game. I loved playing the Pirate game with my oldest. We had to work together to get maximum fire power which made it more fun. My youngest loved the snow cross game, even dreaming about it later that night. The gigantic Connect Four made me feel like we were on a TV game show. Our most intense game was probably the four way air hockey. Pucks flying everywhere, it was chaos.

There was a quite gruesome 4D Zombie game that I might stay away from, but it has curtains on the side and you can’t watch unless you pull back the curtains. Even my 13 year old felt it was a bit much. The manager mentioned that new games are being added as well.

Game X
Chicken fingers. The kid staple.

The Food at Game X
The menus at Game X are green XBox game cartridges. I thought that was creative. The food is typical bar fair, chicken fingers, burgers, sandwiches and salads. The manager told us they just changed the menu in response to visitors suggestions for more sandwiches. They have a full bar with your standard beers plus several microbrews, wine and signature cocktails. The food was fine, my son was impressed with the BBQ Bacon Stack, but games are the real reason to visit.

Parking at Game X
Parking in the building deck is validated up to three hours, which is great. Parking downtown can be a pain. If you are planning to spend more than three hours though, you might want to find a cheaper surface lot and walk a little bit. We were about 10 minutes over our three hour limit and paid $10 for parking, but that price is based on supply and demand, so if there are lots of downtown event, it could be higher. Once you come down to street level, there are signs on the sidewalk directed you to the entrance. Nice touch.

Game X

Game X
Coupons are loaded on your Game X card and used to purchase prizes in the Prize Store.
Game X
Cards are used instead of coins. Each swipe tells you how many ‘coins’ you have left, as well as how many coupons.


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