EPCOT at Walt Disney World: Re-Imagined Test Track

The sleek new “Chevrolet Design Center” at Epcot’s Test Track invites guests to create their own virtual custom-concept vehicle. Car designer wannabes get to shape their own virtual car, truck or crossover vehicle and learn how their design choices perform in changing terrain and extreme conditions against four attributes: capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power. (Ali Nasser, photographer)

What: Re-Imagined Test Track by Cheverolt Where: EPCOT Center Walt Disney World When: Now Open Cost: Included with Park Admission Photos: For additional photos see our Test Track Virtual Tour Video: For a video interview with one of the imagineers, go to Test Track Redesign The best part of the Re-Imagined Test Track by Chevrolet at Walt Disney’s World’s EPCOT Center is waiting. Really. The latest updates to Walt Disney World in Orlando are designed to slow guests down and create a more in-depth experience, immersing you at every turn rather than a frantic dash from ride. Test Track makes you the automobile designer, were you create, test, and market your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your visit.

While waiting in line, play with large screens to see how aerodynamics of different body styles.

The Test Track ride itself runs on the same track as the old Test Track, so you are still flying around embankments at over 64 miles an hour, however the story being told is completely different.  We rode both during the day and at night and the nighttime experience was by far my favorite. Perhaps things just seem a little faster in the dark. Test Track at EPCOT: Fast Pass vs. Standby Line The original Test Track was all about testing the car, the re-imagined Test Track is all about creation and design and that’s what you do when you wait in line. Once folks figure out how Test Track works, I predict people won’t bother with a Fast Pass or single rider line. Why – because the Fast Pass and single rider lines bypass the design process. When you go through these lines, you only choose a car, rather than designing your own. I would go through the Fast Pass line just to see the ride, so you know what to expect, but make sure to come back and wait.

In the edit bays, you’ll create your own car. This option is only available for those going through the standby line. If you do a fast pass, you’ll just choose a car from a list.

In the standby line, you’ll test different shapes of car for aerodynamics, see some of the latest designs and learn the skills needed to be a automobile designer. The best part of course, is designing your car. Depending on how long the line is, you’ll have 5, 7 or 9 minutes to design your vehicle, including body style, paint color and more. If things are busy, cast members put groups of up to three people together to design a car. If you want to design your own, just let them know. As you enter the design studio, you’re given a RFID (radio frequency ID) card, which stores your design, so you can see how well it performs on the test track. When the ride is complete, see how your car did against others. If you’d like to keep your car for another go round, just keep the RFID card and use it again the next time you come, whether that is the next round or the next year.

Don’t miss the post-ride experience. Race your car in a slot car format, make a commercial and take a photo of you and your car.

Test Track at EPCOT: Marketing your car Once you’ve taken your car through it’s paces, see how it performed against the other autos. Then, it’s time to market your vehicle. Take a picture of you and your vehicle or create a commercial. I created several different commercials before finding one I really liked. Once it’s perfect, email it to yourself. The post show also includes a video driving table where you can race your car in a video slot car format. The wheels on the driving table were pretty loose and I lost interest fairly fast – probably because I kept crashing into the walls.  Of course there is also a Chevy showroom. The post-ride is so fun, that even if you don’t want to go on the ride, I’d suggest visiting this section of Test Track. To do so, go through the gift shop. To see the latest at the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland visit our post on Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland. I was invited by the Walt Disney Company to the grand opening of test track as part of the media.

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