Durhamtown Plantation | ATV, dirt bike riding near Atlanta [video]

Experienced and novice riders have lots of room to push their limits on dirt bikes and ATV’s at Durhamtown Plantation. Or if hunting is your thing, they’ve got that too.

Durhamtown Plantation: Dirt Bike and ATV Riding

Less than two hours east of Atlanta, just past the picturesque town of Greensboro is a hunting preserve called Durhamtown Plantation, which has become just as well known as a Georgia off road park. When business slowed in 2001, owner Mike McCommons, decided to expand from hunting into motorsports and dirt bike rentals. The facility is now a model for dirt bike places, as well as ATV parks in Ga. and around the world.

Ready to ride!

At the Durhamtown off road park, you’ll find 150 miles of one way ATV and motorcycle trails, fourteen tracks including a pee wee, supercross, MX, a dirt drag strip, a dirt flat oval and a freestyle park. Many of the employees are also riders that perform across the country in freestyle shows, spending their off time at Durhamtown. If you’re lucky, you could catch the next Ronnie Renner practicing in the freestyle park.

Durhamtown Plantation for Experienced Riders
For the experienced dirt bike trail or ATV rider, bring your own machine and just pay a daily fee. There is also an extensive pro shop and machine repair if you need something fixed or something new. For those who’ve never ridden, or don’t have their own gear, Durhamtown offers a dirt bike rental program, as well as ATV and Rhino rentals. The best part of Durhamtown is the family friendly atmosphere. The day we went I saw moms, as well as dads, riding with kids, and lots of kids riding together. There are cottages onsite and RV hookups, so many families come and spend the weekend. If you’d rather watch than ride, there are several races at Durhamtown.

DurhamtownDurhamtown Plantation for Novice Riders
The day we went was wet, so we rode ATV’s in the ATV park, starting on the oval track to get our bearings. Then moving to the drag strip where my boys raced each other. Next we took a leisurely ride through the woods on part of the 100 miles of trails. The boy’s favorite was the MX track where they could get a little air. Since we aren’t experienced riders, I like that there is a separate MX track for those 8 and under and another for 12 and under.

In addition to the motorsports, the Plantation still offers prime hunting with deer, turkey and wild boar. They also offer sporting clays, fishing and a rifle range.

What: Dirt Bike and ATV Riding
Where: Durham town Plantation, Union Point, Ga. (use the directions on their site, NOT Maquest)
When: Monday – Sunday 9 – 5 pm in winter, 9 – 6 pm in summer

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    • Kenneth, Use the links here to get additional information. This is what I know. Durhamtown will have specifics of events, additional specials, and can answer specific questions. Please tell them you heard about it on Field Trips with Sue!

    • Nori, If you follow the link in the post, you can call Durhamtown for the latest hours, prices, etc. Price will depend on what you want to do, if you need gear and how long you want to go. Let me know what you think!

  1. The actual most effective portion of Durhamtown may be the family pleasant atmosphere. Your day we gone I saw mothers, as well as fathers, riding along with kids, and a lot of kids traveling together.

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