Invite the De Wafelbakkers Pancake Mobile to Your House (Free Pancakes!)

DWB Pancake Mobile

They were up and ready to go on a Saturday morning. Dad, headed out to play tennis, the 17-year-old off to practice. The 15-year-old was helping a friend move. The 11-year-old heard there were pancakes.

DWB Pancake MobileInvite the De Wafelbakkers Pancake Mobile to Your House

So started a busy Saturday morning at our house. The day was packed. We were going from one activity to another. You know, a normal weekend with kids. What made this Saturday unique was the station wagon parked in front of our house with the large pancakes on top. The De Wafelbakkers Pancake Mobile was coming to the rescue with breakfast in 60 seconds.

Breakfast in 60 Seconds with De Wafelbakkers

In his bathrobe, my youngest bounded out the front door to greet the pancake angels driving the De Wafelbakkers Pancake Mobile, followed by his lumbering teenage brother. They brought coolers filled to the top with pancakes into the kitchen. We took a photo and immediately popped open a package of three blueberry pancakes, followed by the buttermilk, and finally chocolate chip. Within each bag of 18 or 24, there are packages of 6 pancakes, with a seal in the middle, so you only ever have to commit to three pancakes, which is one serving on the package.

DWB Pancake Mobile“These are Actually Really Good.”

Maybe he’d had too many cardboard tasting frozen pancakes in the past, but my middle son was excited for the homemade flavor of the De Waflebakkers. Probably not a commercial worthy comment, but my husband and I both agreed that his honest statement, “these are actually really good,” was probably the most genuine, because let’s face it, you expect frozen pancakes to taste, well, frozen, not like homemade. The youngest liked how easy they were to cut. I like that I can get them at Kroger, which is where we shop each week.

DWB Pancake MobilePancakes on the Road
As readers of Field Trips with Sue know, we spend a lot of time traveling in the summer. My oldest boys play competitive lacrosse. Last summer I drove over 3,000 miles, and stayed in seven different hotels, all within a month. I’m packing a few bags of De Waflebakkers next summer for an easy, quick breakfast we can do right in our hotel room. Honestly, the chocolate chip ones I may just defrost and eat as cake.

Find the Pancake Mobile and Get Your Own Cakes with #DWBpancakes
The De Wafelbakkers Pancake Mobile will be in the Atlanta area each weekend in October and the first weekend in November. Follow @DWBpancakes on Twitter and De Wafelbakkers on Facebook for location updates. The Pancake Mobile will visit area Kroger stores, farmer’s markets, parks and more to give out free bags of pancakes. Post a photo of you and the pancake mobile (using #DWBpancakes) to be entered in a chance to win a $100 Kroger gift card. Can’t Find the Pancake Mobile? No worries, request a house call on Twitter using the hashtag #DWBpancakes for the chance to have pancakes delivered right to your front door too!

This post was sponsored by De Wafelbakkers Pancakes, but I gotta tell you, these easy 60 seconds to hot pancakes were delicious, especially the blueberry, although my youngest would say chocolate chip.

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