Colorado Hikes: Sawmill Creek Trail

Colorado Hikes
The Sawmill Creek Trail in Breckenridge, CO goes past this crystal clear mountain lake.

What: Colorado Hikes
Where: Sawmill Creek Trail
Length: 1.5 miles
Rating: Easy
Directions: The Sawmill Trail is located at the Snowflake Lift, near the intersection of Four O’Clock Road and Kings Crown Road. Walk or bike from downtown

We did several hikes while we were in Breckenridge. Some were self guided, and others were guided hikes, like the Sawmill Trail through the Town of Breckenridge. There are several groups that do guided hikes and each has their own angle. The Town of Breckenridge focuses on flora and fauna. Our leaders were very knowledgeable about the area and we learned several new plants including fireweed, a pretty purple flower that loves the disruption in the soil. It’s the first to bloom after fire – hence the name. We also learned how to tell the difference between spruce, pines and fir trees. Our guide, a retired science teacher, asked us to “shake hands with the trees.”  The “friendly” fir is soft and you can’t roll the needles. The “spikey” spruce’s needles roll. The pine tree needles come in pairs.

Breckenridge Hikes
Shaking hands with a tree to learn the differences between a spruce, fir and pine. The Town of Breckenridge guided hikes focus on flora and fauna.
Breckenridge Hikes
Fireweed is the first plant to grow after a fire or other soil disruption.

Breckenridge Trails

Breckenridge Hikes
I adore the Aspen trees. I wanted to bring one home, but it would never tolerate the Georgia heat.
Breckenridge Hikes
This teepee was along our route too.

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