10 Reasons to take Cave Tours with the Georgia Girl Guides

Caving at Cloudland Canyon with Georgia Girl Guides via @fieldtripswithsue
Georgia Cave Tour
You get a little muddy caving:)

Caving with the Georgia Girl Guides was one of my favorite field trips ever, and they are offering a discount for winter cave tours.

Cave Tours with the Georgia Girl Guides

Consider yourself an adventurer? Looking for something to do that’s a little out of the ordinary? Then look no further than the Georgia Girl Guides (G3) Wild Cave Tour  of Sitton’s Cave in Cloudland Canyon State Park near Chattanooga.

Now through the end of February 2016, the Georgia Girl Guides are offering 20% off any winter caving tours with the promo code Winter20.

Cave Tours by Georgia Girl Guides
The cave entrance. Really it’s the exit, but the entrance looks just like this.

Why I Love Cave Tours with the Georgia Girl Guides

This cave tour adventure ranks up there as one of my top five field trips.  It’s an experience you can’t just pick up and do on your own and it is definitely an experience. There are no neat pathways to meander here, but there are rocks to climb down, icy rivers to wade through, muddy slides and crawling on your hands and knees through what looks like a chocolate river out of Willy Wonka. Did I forget to mention the bats? Apparently there were quite a few more than normal on the day we went. I always pictured bats as large imposing vampires, not the two-inch little tufts dotting the rocky surface above us.  Afterwards you’ll feel accomplished, exhilarated and have a new appreciation for the world under your feet.

Caving Tours by Georgia Girl Guides
Your Guides Christine Rose and Amy Ward

Cave Tours for the Unadventurous

If you’re thinking “Oh, my goodness, you’re crazy,” then maybe you should stick to the beaten path and visit Ruby Falls in nearby Chattanooga for your caving experience. No shame in that. Ruby Falls has one of the largest underground waterfalls in the country and is truly beautiful. However, if you’d rather take the road less traveled, then read on, there are some things you should know before  heading out for a trip with the Georgia Girl Guides.

10 Reasons to take Cave Tours with the Georgia Girl Guides

  1. You’re in good hands. Co-owners Amy Ward and Christine Rose are experienced cavers and former Ga. State Park employees.  Amy is a National Cave Rescue Commission certified first responder and Christine a former park naturalist so each tour includes information about the natural environment. She’s also the mom of two young children, so she has a lot of patience with the kids. I like 3Gs approach. It felt more like going out with a friend than on a guided tour.
  2. Cave Tours of Cloudland Canyon
    The two hour tour includes wading through cold underground rivers.

    Tours are recommended for kids 6 and up. Know your child and maybe take the one-hour tour if you’re unsure. If you’re child doesn’t like the dark, being dirty or flinches at water, you might want to wait a little before taking them caving. There is a point where you can exit, but after that, you’re in for the duration. During the one hour tour, you’ll crawl through the mud, but you don’t go through any underground rivers.

  3. To really experience the cave, go on the two-hour tour. If you have adventurous kids, the one-hour tour just isn’t enough, you’ll get down into the cave and have to turn back.  The two hour tour includes visiting various rooms off the main path and exploring deeper into the cave.
  4. Budget extra time. Cave tour time is calculated once you reach the cave and begin your safety talk. So the one or two hours starts when you get to the cave. The entire experience will last at least two to three hours between getting ready and cleaning up afterwards.
  5. Cave Tours of Cloudland Canyon
    Tiny bats live in Sitton’s Cave. They’re only about two inches long and rather cute.

    Knee pads and Glove are provided. Georgia Girl Guides provides you with knee pads and gloves. Make sure to get a good pair of knee pads, you will be using them.

  6. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket. The inside of the cave is a constant 56 degrees, no matter how hot it is outside. You’ll want a sweatshirt and long pants when you go down below.
  7. It is wet. At points you are walking up to your knees in cold water. Bring a complete change of clothes – this means down to your underwear. There is a men’s and women’s changing area in the parking lot, but there isn’t any water, so bring some so you can at least wash your hands. Bring towels too. You’ll want to dry off afterwards.
  8. Cave Tours at Cloudland Canyon
    Exploring the underworld.

    It is muddy. Bring a huge garbage bag or plastic container for muddy clothes.  The folks with us came out looking like they had overalls on – when in fact it was just the mud from their chest to their toes. Wear clothes you don’t care about. Better yet, wear something you can just throw in the garbage afterwards and not worry about having to clean.  This goes for shoes too.

  9. There are no bathrooms. Make sure everyone in your group at least tries before leaving the registration area. There are no bathrooms in the cave, or in the parking area.
  10. You’ll have a blast! I think what I liked most about this is what I said at the beginning. It’s like hanging out with friends who are sharing their passion and knowledge more than going on a guided tour.
Cloudland Canyon Cave Tours
An underground river. The rivers were crystal clear and we even found fish.


Cloudland Canyon Cave Tour
It only took two rinses with the hose, three rain showers, one rinse in the sink and two times through the washing machine to get the mud out.

What: Cave Tours in  Georgia with the Georgia Girl Guides
Where: Cloudland Canyon State Park, Rising Fawn, Ga.
Photos: For additional photos of Cave Tours in Georgia with the Georgia Girl Guides, visit Field Trips with Sue on Facebook

We were provided a complimentary experience for the purpose of review (as is common in the travel industry), however, we only recommend places we would stay and products and experiences we would use.

9 Comments on 10 Reasons to take Cave Tours with the Georgia Girl Guides

  1. That looks awesome! My kids aren’t old enough for something like that, but it looks like a neat activity! We have talked about camping up @ Cloudland, but havent had a chance yet.

  2. Lori, it was tons of fun. I highly recommend it. Cloudland is a great place to camp too. We really liked the walk in sites. It wasn’t a long walk, but you did feel like you were out in the woods vs. right next to the car.

  3. This sounds like fun. My wife and I are climbers and I am a certified cave diver. Please put us on your mailing list as we would like to do this with you….tom

  4. Rev. Weekley, We just report on the events, we don’t actually take folks on trips. You can contact Georgia Girl Guides and I’m sure they can get you set up for a tour. It was truly a fantastic experience, you’ll love it. Very different. Would be great for a youth group too!

  5. We had a great time with G3. We (two tweens and two adults; 35, 44) we went on a weekday and had a less than thrilled tween attending who had initially refused. She’s been talking about how exciting it was to see the bats since we left! Christine made her feel very safe and comfortable, they were patient and geared the tour so that everyone enjoyed it! We will be back for the two hour tour.

  6. April, So glad you had fun. G3 was one of my favorite field trips ever. They do a wonderful job. I highly recommend the 2 hour tour.

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