Banning Mills: Adventures Beyond Zip Lining

Banning Mills
The tallest freestanding climbing wall in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. You can climb up this or jump off it at Historic Banning Mills.

What: Banning Mills Adventures
Where: 205 Horseshoe Dam Rd., Whitesburg, GA 770-834-9149
When: All Adventures (except hiking) require reservations. See website for times
Cost: Prices depend on activity (reservations are required)
Photos: For additional photos of Historic Banning Mills, visit Field Trips with Sue on Facebook

Historic Banning Mills is best known as the oldest, longest and fastest zip line in Georgia, but they offer lots of other adventure activities too. On our recent visit to experience the Banning Mills zip line, we got a glimpse of a few other adventures that will get your heart pumping in a beautiful woodlands setting. These experiences can be added on to a zip line adventure or experienced on their own.

Historic Banning Mills
The view from the top of the Climbing Wall. Climb up and/or jump down. It’s 140 ft tall (or 14 stories!)

Power Free Fall at Banning Mills
Designed by German engineers to get people safely out of burning buildings, this is not a bungee jump, but a controlled free fall 100 feet down or 10 stories. In an effort to work off a little of the amazing lunch served at Banning Mills, I climbed the staircases to check it out. After about 10 minutes staring down and a few false starts, I eventually took the plunge. It’s hard to explain the feeling. I spend the free fall portion staring ahead and cursing my stupidity, but then I felt the line go taught and glided to the ground. The fall wasn’t jerky and I never lost my stomach like you do on the free fall at Six Flags.

Historic Banning Mills
Get up close with a Barn Owl at Historic Banning Mills Birds of Prey show.

Climbing Wall at Banning Mills
Banning Mills holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest free standing climing wall and adventure tower in the world. At 140 ft (or 14 stories) it has nine climbing lanes and two rappel walls.

Birds of Prey Show at Banning Mills
Although we didn’t see the actual Birds of Prey show, we met Master Falconer Dale Arrowood and his winged ambassadors and got an up-close look at his feathered stars including Czar the Eagle Owl, a barn owl and buzzard. Birds of Prey have always been a favorite of my middle son and it’s a great show for the whole family. Plus getting to see these birds up close in a real treat.

Historic Banning Mills
The Birds of Prey Show includes several raptors. For a closer encounter, try Falconry.

More Adventures at Banning Mills
Banning Mills has other adventures too including kayaking, horseback riding and even a falconry hunt. For those who need more time to explore, consider booking one of the family cabins or camping in a tent or RV.

Field Trips with Sue was invited on a press trip to review Historic Banning Mills, as is common in the travel industry. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


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