SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park

The Trampolines at Sky Zone Atlanta

SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park is not your backyard variety trampoline. That is unless your backyard trampoline has side walls to jump on, a dodgeball court, basketball net and a foam pit to jump into.

SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park

Jumping FunLast weekend I took a group of tween boys to Jumpapalooza night at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park to check the place out. Jumpapalooza is a Sunday night event for middle and high school students. The program runs from 7-9 pm and includes two hours of jumping. SkyZone prices are normally $18 for only 90 minutes, but the Jumpapalooza is only $16. And drop off is totally acceptable. If you have toddlers, there is a  special toddler time too. Parents are asked to stay with the toddlers. Different Sky Zone locations may offer different times/programs, which we will talk about later in this post.

Sky Zone Hours and Sky Zone Locations

SkyZone hours may differ by season, day, and location, so check the website before heading out. For instance, Sky Zone Kennesaw is closed on Monday for maintenance, while Sky Zone Suwanne is closed Monday and Tuesday. Generally all SkyZone Atlanta locations are open afternoon into the evening, however, there are special hours for holidays, school breaks and special events too. Where is Sky Zone in Atlanta? They have seven locations in Georgia, most in Atlanta. There is Sky Zone Kennesaw, Sky Zone Roswell, Sky Zone McDonough, Sky Zone Peachtree City, Sky Zone Suwanee Georgia, and Sky Zone Macon. Sky Zone Newnan is coming soon.

Sky Zone Prices and Sky Zone Programs

Sky Zone prices vary based on the date and activity. Open jumps are normally about $10 for 30 minutes, $14 for 60 minutes, $18 for 90 minutes and $21 for 120 minutes. Based on my children’s experience I’d suggest the 90 minute jump. 30 minutes isn’t enough time to do everything, but after 90 minutes, the kids are pooped (I was pooped after jumping for 10 minutes). Also check the website for specials and Sky Zone discounts. Sky Zone offers college nights, a 10 for 8 pass, and various buy one, get one specials. So how much is Sky Zone for special events? That depends on the activity. Each location may have slightly different programming and pricing. An example of the programming available includes the following- (Not all programs are available at all sites)

Toddler Time: Most of the Sky Zone Atlanta locations offer this program for young children.

Ski Fitness or SkyRobics: These classes burn a crazy amount of calories. Some locations have separate classes for adults and kids.

Sky Zone Atlanta Trampoline Park has lots of space to jump.
The main jumping area has lots of space for kids to spread out.

Dodgeball Leagues/Tournaments: My kids loved the dodgeball court more than any of the other areas of Sky Zone. If we had a location closer to us, I can see them wanting to participate in a league or a tournament. Of course, that would probably make them want to watch the movie Dodgeball again, which is slightly inappropriate for kids (please don’t judge me, mine have seen it several times)

Special Needs Sensory Friendly Nights: See each location calendar for exact times, or if you don’t see it on the calendar, ask.

Homeschool Days: Again, if you don’t see it on the calendar, ask. I’m sure they’d set up a date for your group.

Jumpapalooza: I already mentioned this special evening just for middle and high school kids earlier in this post.

SkyCamp: Summer camp at SkyZone. Sounds like fun.

Cage Ball: This looks like a combination of volleyball and basketball. Kinda fun and not as ‘fight club’ as it sounds.

SkySlam: With SkySlam, get the vertical lift of an NBA athlete.

Dunk like an NBA star at SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park
Shooting hoops at Skyzone. Court Monitors allow one person at a time to shoot.

SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park Facility

We visited the Sky Zone Suwanee location and the rest of this post is about that particular location, although most are set up the same way with slight variations. SkyZone Suwanee  is located in a warehouse complex. There are four main jumping areas, a game section with air hockey, pool and video games for those that need a break from jumping, plus a parents lounge and various decks for viewing or snacking. Jumpers must wear Sky Socks, which you can purchase at the facility for around $2 – 3.

  • Main Court: The main court is 9,000 square feet and divided into 8 x 8 ft. squares, plus a few longer strips, so jumpers are not double jumping or crashing into each other.  There is also a small kid court off to the side that was perfect for my youngest to get his bearings before heading out into the masses of people.
  • SkySlam: Two basketball nets are set up along trampolines. Try your hand at dunking on either the 10 ft. net or the 7.5 ft net.
  • It's hard to get out of SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park foam pit.
    The foam pit is 5 ft. deep. Climbing out is exercise too!

    Foam Zone: There are four lanes of trampolines that lead into a 5 ft deep foam pit. Just getting out of the foam pit is a workout in itself!

  • Dodgeball Courts: There are two dodgeball courts and monitors do their best to ensure that kids of the same size are playing together. This was the highlight for all the boys, but also an area for improvement by the facility. Kudos to management for separating the bigger kids from the smaller ones. However, there was a larger crowd of younger kids and the system for switching people in and out was a bit random, resulting in some of our group complaining they had a hard time getting on the court. The court monitors were all very nice, so educate your children before they go to speak up if they can’t get on the court and let the monitors know they’ve been bypassed.
SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park has monitors that keep play safe.
Court Monitors keep everyone safe.

Safety at SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park

Safety is a big concern for parents. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has court monitors at each station. Four in the main jump area, two for each dodgeball court, one at the foam pit and another at the basketball court. At the foam pit and basketball areas only one child goes at a time. The Dodgeball courts do their best to keep same size kids playing against each other and only allow 13 people on each side. The way the main court is separated into squares of individual trampolines discourages double bouncing. In addition, the facility only holds 147 jumpers at any one time, so although it can get crowded at the dodgeball court, it doesn’t feel too crowded on the main court and the lines are not overly long for the basketball or foam pit. In fact, it’s a welcome relief to stop bouncing for a minute. Walking after all that jumping makes your feet feel like lead boots!

Cleanliness at SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park

As soon as the kids were off the trampolines, staff was beginning to wash down the courts. Each night they spray the trampolines and pads with sanitizer and scrub them down. The foam pit is sprayed nightly and weekly the 5 ft pit is emptied and throughly cleaned. It’s a five hour job!

SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park sanitizes the gym each night.
Trampolines and pads are sanitized and scrubbed every night.

SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park Tickets

Sky Zone Trampoline Park has a limited capacity of 147 people. Although they do accept walk-up ticket sales, often on weekends and holidays they are sold out prior to the session time through advanced sales. I recommend securing your tickets before you go. The day we went, they had sold out by 11 am that morning.

What: SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park
Where: 590 Old Peachtree Rd., Suwanee, Ga.
Photos: For additional photos, visit SkyZone Atlanta Indoor Trampoline Park on Field Trips with Sue on Facebook

Although we were provided a complimentary admission for the purpose of reviewing this establishment (as is common in the travel industry), we only recommend places we would stay and products we would use.


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  1. Great post! This place looks like so much fun and I’m sure an awesome workout at the same time. Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass this on to my Facebook and Twitter friends.

    • Deonia, click the link to the site and you should be able to find the I info. They have a separate trampoline for young kids and special toddler days/hours. I like how the seperate out teens and Tweens too.

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